There is much debate over whether people who come to Islam should identify as a convert or revert. This article devles into what it means to come to the religion from by perspective Christal Joan Muslim blogger and life coach. You can read more at

Convert or Revert… Does it Matter?

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem Convert or Revert: What's in a Name? Debates on whether we should refer to ourselves as converts or reverts can often lead people away from the folds of Islam, something I have witnessed personally. Most of us who discover Islam for ourselves will simply say we're Muslim, but for some people that's [...]

Yes, I fell in love with a married Muslim man BUT it's not what you think. To find out more read the full post on

I Fell in Love with a Married (Muslim) Man

Birmillahir rahmanir raheem aren't married men off guard? Firstly, sorry for the click bait title! Yes, I fell in love with a married Muslim man BUT it's not what you think. I haven't cheated on my husband and committed a major sin. Instead, I've committed one of the most praiseworthy acts a Muslim can do. [...]

A review on Christal Joan of Amilah a book written by Halima Hagi- Mohammad. A Somali American writer

Amilah by Halima Hagi-Mohamed: The Review

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem AMILAH: INITIAL THOUGHTS I've read anthologies before and not enjoyed them. I didn't know what the book was about before I was sent a copy for review and in a way I'm grateful I didn't. I went into it not knowing what to expect and being pleasantly surprised. The first story was [...]

AstaghfirAllah means I seek forgiveness from Allah and is a phrase often used by Muslims. Part of the Things Muslims Say series by Christal Joan Muslim blogger + life coach

AstaghfirAllah | Things Muslims Say

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem AstaghfirAllah: What does it mean? Firstly, let me say "AstaghfirAllah" for any mistakes I have made along they way, they are from me and the Shaytaan, and all the good I've put forth is all from Allah swt, Ameen. Making istighfar (saying astaghfirAllah and asking for forgiveness), is our way as Muslims [...]