The Sunnah of Communicating | Christal Joan

The Prophet (saw) was an expert communicator and an amazing example for us all. 38% of communication is dictated by the tone of your voice whilst 55% is physiology. From studying neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) I can totally agree with these figures. One of the greatest indicators that someone is being truthful, lying, are uncomfortable or excited is by their body language as well as their speech. But what about the sunnah way of communicating?

This Journey is a Marathon NOT a Sprint | Christal Joan

Islam teaches us that we are upon the way of our friends, so be careful who we befriend. And although I love those that are around me, having my own identity and rising above what is accepted by all to the ultimate truth held only by Allah swt is quite a task. So who are YOU? This may not be a question you can answer right now but here are two exercise you can do to figure it out inshaAllah.