Christal Joan: Dhul Hijjah- The Best 10 Days. Find out why by reading the full article on

Dhul Hijjah: The Best 10 Days

    Dhul Hijjah is fast approaching. If you're a new Muslim you may not know the significance of this time but that's what this post is all about! People may tell you to fast and do extra good deeds in the first 10 days but they often neglect to tell you why. So here's [...]

In this blog I ask "Why Didn't Muslims Ask Me These 5 Things." Find out what they are by reading the post on

Why Didn’t Muslims Ask Me These 5 Things?

    introducing the unlocking series Following on from my β€œ5 Thoughts on Becoming Muslim” article, I was speaking to a friend of mine who reverted aroundΒ 6 months ago about how she’s finding the deen so far. Based on her responses I decided to create the Unlocking Series. The Unlocking Series is an ongoing project, [...]

5 Thoughts on Becoming Muslim

  becoming muslim This is not an article about regret. I could never feel regret for this beautiful gift Allah swt has given me. But, there are some things I wish I would have known before I became Muslim. Certain things that would have made my transition easier. When I look back and reflect there [...]