Sunshine Vegetable Soup (Vegan)

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Asalaamu alaykum readers,

I recently posted a picture of my ‘Sunshine Vegetable Soup’ recipe on my instagram and some sisters asked me for the recipe. I’m exploring adding more fruits and vegetables into my diet and possibly going vegan/vegetarian in the week inshaAllah. I’ll have more information about this in a later post inshaAllah.

So, here’s the recipe!

Ingredients (feeds up to 4 people)

2 sweet potatoes

2 medium sized carrots

2 large leafy green leaves of your choice cut into ribbons (I used spring greens)

1 tin of mixed beans (drained)

1 onion

4 cloves of garlic

Oil of your choice (I used 1 tsp of coconut oil from BuyWholeFoodsOnline)

Seasonings (I used Aromat all purpose seasoning, black pepper, smoked paprika and curry powder)


3 tbsp of Jungle Curry Paste from Morrisons (optional)

The Recipe

  1. Warm a medium/ large sized pot on the cooker with your oil of choice
  2. Cut your sweet potato, carrot, onion and garlic into a dice
  3. Sweat off your onions and garlic until translucent then add the Jungle Curry Paste
  4. Add your sweet potato and carrots into the pot and stir
  5. Add your seasonings and stir for about 5 minutes
  6. Add enough water to cover the vegetables by about half an inch
  7. Cover the pot and let the vegetable soften, this can take anywhere between 10-15 minutes depending on how small you’ve chopped your vegetables
  8. 5 minutes before servings add your mixed beans to warm through. Try not to stir the pot too much at this point as you’ll break up the vegetables and beans
  9. 1-2 minutes before serving, add your leafy greens and allow to wilt
  10. Taste for seasoning and you’re done!

This recipie’s great for when you want a homemade soup with little fuss. If you don’t have sweet potatoes you could substitute with normal white potatoes.

For more food pics and recipes, got over to my instagram (@chrissyjay14) or Twitter (@christalw12)

Happy cooking!

Wasalaam – Peace Be With You

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