The Tree | Ayahs of Allah

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

She’s been around for a long time. Her branches have long stopped producing it’s leaves. But oh, has she seen some good times.

The names of lovers carved into her trunk, the birds singing among her leaves, she is an ayat from Allah.

The day she was planted, it was done with love and care and over the years she thrived. Sheltered families during their picnics and dogs in her shade because Allah swt willed her to be a protection for all.

As she dances in the breeze, as the light from the sun kisses her leaves her sustenance comes from Allah swt.

From a seed, to a sappling to a mighty tree, Allah swt nurtured her, fed her, and warmed her.

The day that Allah swt chose her, she was so happy. She swayed and prostrated in a way only Allah swt knows how. She praises him daily and obeys his every command, unlike those that enjoy the fruits of her tree.

He aksed her to provide for them from her sustenance, as he had provided for her but hour by hour, day by day she sees them go against the Creator. They snap her branches and burn those closest to her for warmth and not once do they replace what they have taken from her. But she knows her reward is with Allah swt so she continues to exhalt her Lord and wait for the day that she is replanted in the Gardens of Jannah.

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