My 5 Favourite YouTube Finds (29/05/2015)

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

I’ve been thinking of all the weekly things I could share on the blog that would be beneficial inshaAllah.

If you’ve read my blog posts, you’ll know that I’m all about sharing knowledge and making things accessible for the readers. So, my new weekly project will by:


I watch A LOT of Youtube videos. I’m a pretty busy person so watching TV shows and things like that aren’t really for me. I like to do crafts and hobbies and most of the time I learn the techniques from YouTube videos. I also LOVE listening to khutbahs (Islamic speeches) on there as well as I find them to be accessible and I can replay anytime I want. Each week there will be a mix of food, arts & crafts, khutbahs and maybe a nasheed or two so don’t expect the same videos every week! So (inshaAllah) here are my 5 pics for this week so you can enjoy them over the weekend!

1. I love food alhamdulillah, and Kezia Eniang‘s Jollof rice recipe is perfect. Simple and flavourful mashaAllah.

2. I’ve really been looking into hand lettering and typography lately. I don’t like hanging pictures in the house due to the hadith narrated by Abu Talhah (ra), who said: “I heard the Prophet (saw) say: ‘The angels do not enter any house in which there is a dog or an image.’” [Muslim]

Typography and hand lettering is a cool and interesting way to decorate your house in the most halal way possible. In this video, it explains how to mix different font types. In the future, I’ll be selling my prints so stay tuned inshaAllah

3. I love Bayyinah Institute for the sake of Allah swt, and these videos by Sheikh Omar Suleiman have been so interesting and insightful. This one was filmed before the “Charlie Charlie” game but Allah swt is the best of planners as it was released this week. Check out Omar Suleiman talking about interacting with jinn

4. Reading books is a life long passion for me and the types of books I read are often from the recommendation of others. This week, Eslimah did her Islamic Book Recommendations mashaAllah. I own quite a few of them already or have read them but it’s always nice to hear what others got out of a book that you may have missed. Check out her cool Marvel sweatshirt as well mashaAllah!

5. I really enjoy working out and going to the gym but I always found that finding something that’s comfortable to workout in and doesn’t make you sweat to death was the most difficult part subhanallah. I recently came across this company and I liked their style. More Muslim women (hijabis and niqabis) need to get into the weight section and this type of clothing would really help inshaAllah. It’s not all about cardio!

So, there’s my 5. What have you been watching on YouTube this week? Let me know by connecting with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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