5 Must Have Recipes for Ramadhan

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

With Ramadhan coming up, every Muslim needs to have a few must have recipes in their repertoire! No one wants to spend long hours in the kitchen for suhoor (pre-dawn meal) or iftaar (meal at the time of breaking the fast) so here are some of my recommendations inshaAllah.


Suhoor should be quick, easy and, if possible, pre-made. I’m not really a fan of eating what I had for iftaar the night before as I prefer to have something light but filling. Anything with oats or eggs are my usual go to as they provide me with slow burning energy as well as protein to keep me fuller for longer. For some people, a few dates and some sips of water are enough inshaAllah but here is a great suhoor recommendation from one of my favourite YouTube channels, Mind Over Munch.

Overnight oats are also a great pre-made suhoor treat and can be personalised for each member of the family with little hassle. Here are 5 amazing recipes from The Domestic Geek for overnight oats

For 5 MORE overnight oat recipes click this link.

A Smoothie

If you want to skip the ‘meal’ at suhoor, something like a smoothie will fill you up and get in essential nutrients and minerals. Here’s a smoothie recipie that will keep you fuller for longer from Eat Clean with Shira Bocar.

Cooking for a Crowd

People love having guests over for iftaar but it can become stressful trying to prepare enough food for everyone. Instead of taking on the burden all by youself, invite guests to bring a dish each. This way you can split the workload and share the tasty food. Here’s a great ‘cooking for a crowd’ dish by Tim Shieff on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube. It’s a veggie recipe so, quick simple and delicious.

A Soup

I love a good soup, and even more so during Ramadhan. Not only does it take care of itself on the stove top with minimal effort, it can help to rehydrate you.

Check out my Sunshine Soup Recipe! It’s vegan but you can easily throw in a meat of your choice if you feel like something a bit more hearty.

A Sweet Treat

Everyone enjoys something sweet during Ramadhan but it’s important to not go overboard. These jam tarts are the perfect treat, and if you have children they can get stuck in and help inshaAllah

Alternatively, if you like chocolate, this chocolate fondant by Sorted Food is a great quick treat for those late iftaars

BONUS!!! A Delicious Drink

Lastly, what would Ramadhan be without lots of drinks. People tend to buy boxes of juice or fizzy drinks but these are high in sugar and can lead you to crash, leaving you feeling hungrier and more dehydrated than when you started. This juice recipe from FullyRaw Kristina is great, sugar free and has one of the best hydrating fruits you can come across in Ramadhan, WATERMELON!

With Ramadhan around the corner, what are you favourite recipes?

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15 thoughts on “5 Must Have Recipes for Ramadhan

  1. Raising Young Believers says:

    The muffins and smoothies are a must in my home every Ramadaan! Havent yet tried the almond-date smoothie, thats on my list 🙂 Love the easy vids, makes it much easier to try out…and with us heading into winter, that curry looks just perfectly nourishing! Thank you for this post

  2. Autumn | It's Autumn's Life says:

    All of this looks so good! I’m a huge fan of overnight oats and since I’m so slow in the mornings it’s easy for me to eat it during suhoor instead of cooking at a snail’s pace and stuffing it in my mouth quickly before time runs out.

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      I’m the same subhanAllah! It takes me ages to cook if I do cook suhoor and then I end up feeling sick because I’ve tried to eat too much too fast . Glad you liked the post sis

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