My 5 Favourite YouTube Finds (05/06/2015)

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Alhamdulillah it’s Friday again so that means it’s time for my 5 Favourite YouTube Finds of the week!

As it’s getting closer to Ramadhan, the weather seems to be improving in the UK. Long, hot fasts are on their way and to cool off I thought this Strawberry & Elderflower Sorbet was the perfect recipe to have at iftaar time inshaAllah. Check out Anna Jones on YouTube with Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube!

Ramadhan is a time for reflection, not just about food. It’s always on my mind how fortunate we are that Allah swt has provided us with food and provisions to break our fast, alhamdulillah. Many don’t have that privilege. May Allah swt provide for those that cannot provide for themselves, Ameen.

This is a brilliant short reminder from The Prophet’s Path, a brilliant YouTube channel. The speaker is Mufti Mohammed Wasim Khan.

I’m all about a quick sweet treat and these Simple Chocolate Cookies made by Bryony Morganna on FoodTube again are just perfect for that. I suspect this dough freezes well, so if you want to get your sweet fix on demand, these little beauties would be great!

I’ve been a HUGE fan of Muslimah Media from the beginning. I’ve always been interested in female scholarship in Islam and I make sincere dua’a to Allah swt that Muslimah Media continue to make videos to show people that the women of Islam are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to intellectual knowledge of the deen. This video features Ustadha Zaynab Ansari who learnt the deen in Damascus Syria. This video is about the relationship of support that existed between Khadija (ra) and the Prophet (saw), the perfect marriage template for anyone looking for marriage advice.

You can follow Muslimah Media on Twitter and Facebook, tell them @ChristalBlogs sent you!

This last video is such a beautiful one subhanAllah. It documents Jews and Muslims who spend the day praying together and the many similarities between the 2 groups. From my point of view, I wish more Muslims would learn about other faiths to foster a relationship of tolerance and vice versa. If we don’t know about each other, how can we learn to get along?

If you missed it, catch last week’s 5 Favourite Finds featuring Eslimah, The Domestic Geek, Kezia Eniang and Sh. Omar Suleiman!

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Wasalaam – Peace be With You

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    Jazakallahu khairan!! My first read and I’m subscribing.. You are Allahumduliah amazing..
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