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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

The story of Adam and Hawwa (as) is a special and unique one.

Hawwa (as) was created as a gift from Allah swt to Adam (as). Allah swt took one of the bent ribs of Adam (as) and formed Hawwa (as).

On this point, we should reflect. Hawwa (as) was made from something already living and Adam (as) was formed from “a handful of dust taken from different lands” according to the hadith in Bukhari. Women were living entities from the beginning and formed from something fashioned by Allah swt himself. When you try to straighten something that is bent and rigid you risk breaking it. This is a reminder to our dear brothers that women are strong but if put too much pressure on them they are fragile. They should be treated with the utmost care and attention. Just as Allah swt treated us when he created our mother Hawwa (as). When Adam (as) awoke and asked who she was she replied, “I was created to comfort you.” SubhanAllah, men may be the protectors of women but we are the comforters of men. Just as water extinguishes water, women are typically the calming force over mankind.

Allah swt did not expel them both from the Garden as a punishment, He swt accepted their repentance and sent them to Earth to fulfill their original purpose – to worship Him swt.

When Adam and Hawwa were expelled from the Garden of Eden, Allah swt did not set them down in the same place on Earth.

It is said that Adam (as) came down in Hind (somewhere in the Indian sub-continent). Many have speculated, and Allah swt knows best, that he came down in Sri Lanka where there’s a mountain called Adam’s Peak. Our mother Hawwa (as) is said to have come down somewhere near Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, and “jeddah” is the Arabic name for grandmother subhanAllah.

Although they were both very tall, (the ulaymah have speculated that Adam (as) would have been around 16ft tall) they were still a fair way away from each other in terms of travel. Despite this, Adam (as) walked from where Allah swt set him down to find Hawwa (as) subhanAllah. There are men in this world that wouldn’t even drive to the corner shop for their wives! His love for Hawwa (as) was so strong he literally walked to the ends of the Earth for her. When I first heard this it brought tears to my eyes!

Marriage is one of the strengths of this Ummah. It provides for the next generation, a new phase of worshippers of Allah swt bi’ithnillah. If this foundation is strong, there’s no limits to what this Ummah can achieve. When this foundation is rocky, not only do the parents suffer, but they risk raising a generation that knows nothing of the homely comforts of stability and unity that we need in the Ummah right now.

They were the first people on this Earth and the first family in the whole of creation. This are moments from the life of Adam (as). May Allah swt have mercy on him, Ameen

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