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Bismillahir rahmenir raheem

Continuing on with moments from the life of the Anbiya, we’ll go onto Adam (as) and Shaytaan.

From the beginning of the narrative, Shaytaan or Iblis was plotting againt Adam (as). In the Qur’an, Shaytaan says to Allah swt “I am better than him, You created me from fire and him from clay.” This was the first sin every to be performed, arrogance subhanAllah.

Shaytaan was expelled from Jannah but still managed to plot against Adam and Hawwa (as) so that they too would no longer feel the sweetness of Jannah. Shaytaan’s ultimate plot is to split the believing men and believing women from each other.

In Muslim, there is the hadith in which Iblis’ throne is placed on the water and he sends out his shayateen to create mischief upon the Earth. When they return to him they tell him about the awful sins they have compelled people to commit. But the shayateen that he draws closest to him and embraces is the one that causes discord between a husband and wife – subhanAllah. Hold onto your spouses for the whispers of Shaytaan are plenty. He promised to come to us from the front, the back, the left and the right [Suratul A’raf 14-17] but not from the top because this is where the protection of Allah swt descends from.

If the whispers of Shaytaan could reach Adam (as) in Jannah t and encourage him to sin against Allah swt, guaranteed, he can find us in this duniya full of temptation. We should take every precaution to protect ourselves from the whispers of Shaytaan so that we too can return to Jannah inshaAllah.

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