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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Adam (as) displayed an important characteristic of man whilst he was in the Garden and when he was expelled – forgetfulness. He forgot the command of Allah swt to stay away from the tree leading to the expulsion of both him and Hawwa (as).

In Surah Ta Ha v115 it says, “We had already beforehand, taken the covenant of Adam, but he forgot.”

Man is forgetful and we see this throughout the history of insan (man) and in our everyday lives as well. The root of the word insan, comes from the word nisyan which means forgetful – we are inherently forgetful. Alhamdulillah, when we fall short and forget our duties towards Allah swt, He swt taught us how to perform taubah (asking for forgiveness) for our shortcomings.

The second incident in which Adam (as) showed forgetfulness was on his death bed. Time allows us to forget things and makes us less aware. Adam (as) lived for many years and over time he became forgetful. For Adam (as) it was decreed for him to live 1,000 years. When Adam (as) was still in Jannah, Allah swt had shown him all the sons and daughters of Adam (as) and among them was a man with a very bright face. When Adam (as) asked who this man was Allah swt told him, this is your son Dawud (David) and he is to live 40 years. Adam (as) gave Dawud 60 of his years but later forgot about it. When the Angel of Death came to him to take his soul, Adam (as) argued with him that he had 60 years left, forgetting the gift he had given to Dawud (as).

Is it not true that during our later years we become even more forgetful? We should try, everyday to remember the favours Allah swt has bestowed on us and use it as an opportunity to make taubah for all the wrong we’ve done inshaAllah.

Another thing we can take from this moment in the life of Adam (as) is that whenever we give something to someone such as a loan, we should write it down. Not to hold the receiver to account but to hold ourselves to account as well inshaAllah.

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Next we will be exploring moments from the life of Nuh (as).

Wasalaam – Peace Be With You

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