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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

On any given day in a city centre, you’ll see people giving dawah. Dawah stalls and dawah events are commonplace in society alhamdulillah. But it’s important for those who give dawah to take their job seriously and not just do it for the sake of converting people on the street.

From the life of Nuh (as) we can take his powerful example of how to give dawah inshaAllah and see that even though he didn’t bring many people to Islam, apart from the our Rasool (saw), he was the greatest da’ee (a person who gives dawah) of all time.

Nuh (as) gave dawah to his people for 950 years before he made dua’a against them and Allah swt accepted it. Nuh’s (as) prophethood came at a time where shirk (associating partners with Allah swt) was prevalent in the community. There had been a number of pious people in the community years before Nuh (as) and to remember them, the people had created statues. Shaytaan had whispered to the people for many years and told them that their forefathers worshipped the statues before them. They forgot that they should not worship anything besides Allah swt. This was the beginning of shirk, subhanAllah.

Nuh (as) was sent to these people to bring them back to the worship of Allah swt and it was no easy task. Although the weak and poor accepted the message the elite resisted. This is something we can see even today subhanAllah. The pureness of Islam calls to those who have clean hearts but those who are of the elite struggle to see the importance of the deen. They recognised the truth, just like the elite of Nuh’s (as) time, but they refuse to accept the message. The only way the elite would accept Nuh’s (as) message was if he dismissed the weak and the poor. Nuh (as) responded to them with what Allah swt has narrated in Surah Hud verses 29-31.

Despite the many knockbacks he received during his prophethood, Nuh (as) continued to give dawah to his people. The whole time he was delivering the message, “a thousand years less fifty“, only a handful of people accepted Islam. Ibn Abbas (ra) estimated that the maximum amount of people was 80, subhanAllah.

How many times have we given dawah to people and we feel disheartened because they didn’t accept Islam when we wanted them to? Nuh (as) preached to his people for 950 years! We can’t even give dawah for 9 minutes without feeling like we’ve already tried to hard! And most importantly of all, we should remember that it doesn’t matter how long we give dawah, if Allah swt has not willed their hearts to turn towards the straight path then nothing you say will change that.

We learn from the life of Nuh (as) that we should stay persistent in our efforts to give dawah and that we should only do so whilst putting our true faith in Allah swt. But ultimately, it is up to Allah swt and He swt guides whom he wills.

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Next we’ll exploring a moment from the life of Salih (as).

Wasalaam – Peace Be With You

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