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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Allah swt blessed Ayyub (as) with a large family, great wealth and many servants. Ayyub (as) would also show his love and appreciation for Allah swt by freeing slaves, feeding the poor and making them feel like they were doing him a favour subhanAllah.

This is the first lesson we can take from the life of Ayyub (as). When giving charity, we shouldn’t make people feel like we’re doing them a favour. One of the people Allah swt will not even look at on the Day of Judgement is the one who reminds others of his charity upon them, subhanAllah. We should remember that we may be giving to someone in this duniya, but they are giving us something so much better. They are making our akhirah.

Iblis complained to Allah swt that the only reason Ayyub (as) was such a good servant, was due to the wealth Allah swt had bestowed upon him. To teach Iblis a lesson, Allah swt gave him permission to destroy Ayyub’s (as) wealth, health and his children whilst turning his wife against him.

Ayyub’s (as) story is an example of how we should not let wealth affect our hearts.

Despite the testing of Iblis, Ayyub (as) stayed strong and dedicated to his worship of Allah swt. How many of us could do the same? We can be so ungrateful sometimes, Allah swt blesses us in ways that we cannot even imagine. Our bodies, our wealth, our family and our sustenance all comes from Allah swt and He swt never charges us for it.

I read a story recently about a man who lost his eyesight. It cost a considerable amount for him in medical bills for him to restore it. When they sent him the bill he started to cry. When they asked the man why he was crying he said, Allah swt had given me the gift of eyesight for so many years and He never sent me a bill!

SubhanAllah. The story of Ayyub (as) teaches us the important lesson of sabr (patience). Whatever adversity Allah swt sent upon Ayyub (as) he endured it with beautiful patience. Ayyub (as) understood that anything good he had was a loan from Allah swt and it was within the Creator’s right to take it back whenever He swt willed. This is an important lesson we all need to learn when we go through hardships.

Any and everything we have is an amanah (trust) from Allah swt. Our families, our wealth, our health and strength, it all comes from one source. Allah swt is Ar-Razzaq (The-Sustainer), He provides for every living thing on this Earth, what makes you any different?

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