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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

There are many amazing moments from the life of Isa (Jesus) (as). From the time of his conception when Allah swt made him from nothing, speaking to his mother Maryam (as) from underneath her at the time of his birth to speaking to the Jews from the cradle when they accussed his mother of being unchaste. SubhanAllah.

One of the most important things I personally take from the story of Isa (as) is how he denounced materialism in all it’s forms. Whether it was the Jews, the Christians, the Quraysh or the people of our generation now, there has always been a disease of the heart related to materialism. We hoard things thinking they will make us happy when true happiness can only come from Allah swt.

Our love of this duniya is our greatest downfall and will enter many into the hellfire, may Allah swt protect us, Ameen.

Isa (as) told his people that the disbelievers care for this world because they do not know a better way. The believer knows that their sustenance is from Allah swt so they trust in Him and scorn this world. SubhanAllah, truer words have never been uttered!

Leaving the duniya behind is one of the ways we can purify our hearts, and only a person with a pure heart can enter Jannah (Paradise).

This is the last in the series of #MyAnbiya and it has been a pleasure sharing what I learnt on the Prophets of Allah course with you all. You may be wondering why I have not mentioned any moments from the life of our Prophet (saw). The simple answer is, at this moment in time, I wouldn’t be able to do justice to all the amazing moments Allah swt bestowed on him (saw).

When I do, rest assured, it will be a series of posts by itself so that I can honour Rasullulah (saw) as he should be honoured.

JazakAllahu khayrun and continue to like, share and read the #MyAnbiya posts.

Wasalaam – Peace Be With You

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