Random Acts of Kindness: Getting Closer to Allah

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

The blessed month of Ramadan is over. The bags are hanging from our eyes from hour upon hour of Taraweeh, Qiyyamul Layl and fasting subhanAllah. All we want to do is have a halal blow out for Eid and relax… but, the giving should never stop!

Acting with good character in regards to the Qur’an and Sunnah is a 24/7, 365 day a year job for a Muslim before, during and after Ramadan. You may not be feeding the poor every night (although it would be lovely if we could) but acting kindly is still an obligation upon us.

لَا يُكَلِّفُ اللَّهُ نَفْسًا إِلَّا وُسْعَهَا
“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…” (Qur’an, 2:286)

So here are my top tips to continue random acts of kindness after the sweet fragrance of Ramadan has already left us!

Let someone go in front of you in a line

Ramadan is over, you survived the long fasts with no food and water. Surely you can wait a little longer for your takeaway of drink right? Letting someone go ahead of you in a line not only proves that you “love for your brother, what you love for yourself” but it’s also a sign of humility

Hold the door for someone

We’ve all done it. You think someone’s got the door for themselves only for it to slam in their face or close behind you before they get a chance to grab the handle. Take those extra few seconds to hold the door for someone whether they have their hands full or not. It always surprises me and makes me feel happy inside to think that someone thought to take time out to make my life that little bit easier by holding a door open.

Help an elderly person

This could be to help them cross the road, hold their bags or reach something from the top shelf in a supermarket (I’m nearly 6ft so this happens to me a lot). The elderly are an important part of our community and are often shunned and marginalised because they’re not as ‘quick to cotton on’ as their younger counterparts. We’re told in the famous ahadith to take care of 5 before 5. One of those things is our youth before our old age. The Qur’an details how we came from Allah swt weak and helpless, then we become strong, then we become weak again.

Take care of the elderly, because one day, if Allah swt grants us the years in this duniya, we’ll be in the same position as them.

Offer to pack someone’s bags in the supermarket

Packing bags in a busy supermarket can put you under a bit of pressure but having someone to help splits the workload in two and counts as a random act of kindness inshaAllah. I always struggle to keep up with the cashier and end up either shoving everything to one side and getting in someone’s way or packing things in such a bad way that when I get home something (usually the eggs) are broken in my haste to pack bags. Be the means to ease someone’s discomfort and offer a helping hand or, if they don’t have much shopping just bag it for them inshaAllah.

Offer to clean the masjid

‘Aa’ishah (ra) said: The Messenger of Allah (saw) commanded that mosques be built among houses and that they be cleaned and perfumed.” [Tirmidhi]

Cleaning the masjid is not only a random act of kindness, inshaAllah, you’ll get the reward of everyone that has an enjoyable prayer their too. So whip out the vacuum, light the bakhoor and spruce up your masjid!

From the hadith of Abu Hurayrah (ra) , black woman used to take care of the mosque, then he or she died. The Prophet (saw) asked after her and was told that she had died. He said: “Why did you not inform me? Show me her grave.” Then he went to the grave and offered the funeral prayer over it.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 458; Muslim, 956.

What others random acts of kindness can you add to the list.. Comment down below and share the khayr (good)!

Wasalaam – Peace Be With You

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0 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness: Getting Closer to Allah

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      InshaAllah it would. I think people over burden themselves and forget that small things like these can really make a difference inshaAllah. Jazakillahu khayrun for the comment sis

  1. muslimaintheworld says:

    Good Idea ! Some more: Share food with the neighboors, put some water/food for the animals outside, Surprise your love ones with small gestures or hand made gifts, helping out in general (moving out, crossing the street, babysitting for free…). That’s all I could think of right now 🙂

  2. Amina Edota says:

    Holding the door open never fails to surprise me (***pleasantly***).

    Other ideas… Smile; Say JazaakAllah Khayr; Check up on neighbours; Offer to do some gardening; Simply listen…

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      SubhanAllah, may Allah swt make it easy for you. I think making small changes and sticking to them is the best way forward inshaAllah. That’s what I’m trying to do atm. Jazakillahu khayrun for the comment sis

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