Introducing #Convertsations

Bismillahir rahmenir raheem

We all talk to ourselves in our heads (and sometimes out loud). If you’ve seen the film Inside Out, you know exactly what I mean. When you revert to Islam, these conversations become more and more frequent and contain more and more unanswered questions.

If this is you, you’re not alone. We live every day with an internal monologue but when you become Muslim, you feel like you’re questioning everyone, everything and constantly checking your intentions. This isn’t a bad thing, I believe this is just your fitra reawakening.

So, let me introduce to you a new feature on my blog #Convertsations. I’ll be covering some of the internal monologues that I went through as a new Muslim revert and inshaAllah try to answer the questions I asked myself along the way.

Some of the “convertsations” I’ll be covering will include things like:

  • Going out to eat
  • Praying around family
  • Wearing hijab out for the first time
  • My first visit to the mosque
  • “Talking like a Muslim”
  • Is this halal?
  • Praying whilst out

“Convertsations” will also give you the chance to chime in and send in your internal monologues detailing what the conversations you’ve had with yourself since becoming Muslim and how you dealt with the transition. InshaAllah, I’ll be taking submissions of your “convertsations” along the way and I really look forward to reading them.

All “convertsation” submissions can be made to I won’t be editing submissions to ensure that your thoughts ring true just as you wrote them. All posts will be released on my social media accounts and if you run your own blog the submission will link back.

I can’t wait to get stuck into writing and reading your submissions so keep them coming thick and fast! If you know anyone that would like to contribute please forward them my email inshaAllah.

Let’s help our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters by showing them they’re not alone. Use the hashtag #Convertsations and let’s bring the Ummah together inshaAllah.

Wasalaam – Peace Be With You

33 thoughts on “Introducing #Convertsations

  1. Muslimah92 says:

    Subhanllah, as a born muslim I do most of my thinking in head as opposed to out loud. Subahanllah, I cant imagine what reverts or converts go through. Regardless, may Allah ease your everyday struggles. And remember, the harder it is, the more rewarding it is. inshallah.

  2. The Gutless Ninja says:

    This is a fantastic feature! MashaAllah. I can see it being incredibly useful for converts. Would you like to share this in our local Facebook group for convert sisters? 🙂 I think it would be wonderful for them to get involved!

  3. sahar says:

    what a brilliant idea masha’Allah!! i am very excited to read more. I almost ‘suffer’ from an internal monologue..kinda hard managing the loud monologue and life at the same time sometime lol!

  4. zainyberry says:


    I think this would be a great addition to your blog, looking foward to reading more. I think it would really help new converts, people who just want to know more about Islam and so on. May Allah grant your blog alot of success Inshallah 🙂

  5. zainyberry says:


    I love the idea of this section of your blog, I think it will help alot of new converts, strength believers faith and even shed light to people who want to know more. Good luck and Inshallah may you have success in your blog.

    Zainab Dokrat

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