My 5 Favourite Things (14/08/2015)

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Another week is over subhanAllah and it’s the blessed day of Friday (Jumuah) alhamdulillah. I’m seen so many amazing things this week mashaAllah but I’ve only got 5 spots. So let’s get straight into it! Bismillah!

I’m a sucker for a homemade cereal bar. I find you can control the sugar and fat so much more effectively and there’s no preservatves. This recipe is perfect to whip up with the kids this half term to keep them entertained and full afterwards!

As Muslims, we should never be surprised by the Might and Majesty of Allah swt and how he can change lives, but this interview filled my heart with so much noor subhanAllah. Roadside to Islam has some AMAZING life stories on there but this one I’ve followed personally from the very first interview with br. Bashir until now. Check out how he left the road life behind and now lives in Makkah by the will of Allah swt. He swt truly is the turner of hearts!

This weeks Twitter pick comes from The Muslim Vibe and fits in perfectly with a couple of post I have planned coming up about the women of Islam. InshaAllah I hope to cover the 4 promised Jannah (Maryam, Aasiyah, Khadijah and Fatima (ra)) and a few that are not so well known. Check out the article attached.

Recently, we’ve been trying to establish more space in the house. This means clearing out the old and using up previouly unused space. So these little space saving ideas, especially in the kitchen are really coming in handy!

My last favourite this week comes from Facebook from a sister who runs a page called The Salafi Feminist. This post sparked quite a bit of debate at the time and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. The Hur Al-Ayn (wide eyed beauties of Jannah) seemed to be a bit of an obsession for men and are, as the sister points out, often used to belittle or put down the women who will enter Jannah by the will of Allah swt because of their good deeds. Anyway, I’ll let you all read the post and formulate your own views inshaAllah.

So these are this weeks favourites. Tune in next week inshaAllah to see what else I’ve found.

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Wasalaam – Peace Be With You

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