3 Muslim Countries I’d Love to Visit and Why

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Inspired by Muslim Travel Girl  (check out her website by clicking the link here), I sat down and had a think about what Muslim countries I’d like to visit in the future. I love to travel but due to work and family commitments I haven’t had a good holiday in a long time. In addition to that, I haven’t been on holiday since becoming Muslim and would love to go to a destination that catered for my new lifestyle. So with that in mind, here are the 3 Muslim countries I’d love to visit and why!


I feel like this one just goes without saying. Malaysia is an amazing country, great food,

Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia – PHOTO CREDIT: http://tiranetwork.org/

beautiful mosques and full of friendly people mashaAllah. Whether you want the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur or the laid back tranquility on Langawi, I’ve never had a friend go to Malaysia and bring back a bad review.

Dish I want to try: Anything with sambal involved! Sambal is a blend of chilies, the shrimp paste belacan, and Calamansi lime that’s served with just about every dish. I love spicy food and I can only imagine how this would compliment EVERYTHING!

Place I want to visit: The Crystal Mosque or Masjid Kristal. For obvious reasons, my

Masjid Kristal – PHOTO CREDIT: https://itsarushworld.wordpress.com

name is Christal (lol) and it just looks AMAZING! It’s made of steel, glass and crystal and is located at Islamic Heritage Park on the island of Wan Man.


When I think of Arab countries I think of tall imposing buildings, expensive cars and shisha. But when I saw pictures of Oman on the Muslim Travel Girl Blog I was impressed with how laid back and humble the country came across. It looks like a lovely place to relax and socialise with local people and submerge yourself into a friendly Arab culture.

Dish I want to try: Shuwa – meat that is slowly cooked in the ground for up to 2 days. I don’t know what it is about Arabs and meat but subhanAllah! They know how to slow cook.

Muttrah Souk, Muscat – PHOTO CREDIT: http://joannastravelblog.com/

Place I want to visit: I’m a woman and I love to shop so the Muttrah Souk in Muscat. It looks like the perfect marriage between culture and charm.

Indonesia (more specifically Bali)

South-East Asia has such a wonderful tapestry of food, drink and people that there’s no way it wouldn’t make it onto my list! Bali in particular, has some of the most amazing cultural sites I have ever seen. It’s known for its rice paddies, sandy beaches and coral reefs and I’d love to see it all!

Nasi Goreng – PHOTO CREDIT: cookinggallery.blogspot.com

Dish I want to try: Nasi Goreng – stir fried rice with veggies, chillis, and  meats of your choice. One of Indonesia’s finest signature dishes.

Place I want to visit: This isn’t a place per se but I would LOVE to go scuba diving. I think it’s amazing how Allah swt has placed so much in the sea and we don’t even know about it. To swim with the fishes and see all the different colours would be a dream come true!


Brunei has been on my radar since volunteering with 2 sisters from Brunei and being astounded at how modest, welcoming, friendly and helpful they were. Engulfed by Malaysia, the people of Brunei have carved out their own heritage and have one of the highest standards of living in the world thanks to healthy oil and gas deposits.

Dish I want to try: STREET FOOD… and drinks of course, of any kind! Brunei is an Islamic country through and through so having the luxury of walking down the street and being able to eat and dirnk anywhere without having to ask if it’s halal, if pork was cooked in the same pot or if there’s alcohol in it would be a blessing!!

PHOTO CREDIT: “Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque 02” by sam garza from Los Angeles, USA – on the eve of ramadan…. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sultan_Omar_Ali_Saifuddin_Mosque_02.jpg#/media/File:Sultan_Omar_Ali_Saifuddin_Mosque_02.jpg

Place I want to visit: Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque. Apparently, it’s the place to be! Not only was the mosque constructed with some of the most exquisite architecture, there’s a reflecting pool surrounding the whole thing. How cool is that!

These are just the first 3 places I’d like to visit inshaAllah. Stay tuned for part 2 where I go through 3 MORE Muslim Countries I’d like to visit!

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Wasalaam – Peace Be With You

11 thoughts on “3 Muslim Countries I’d Love to Visit and Why

  1. muslimaintheworld says:

    Assalamou alaikom! I’m currently living in Malaysia (and it has been almost one year already!) and here are some things I faced while here:

    – Being gazed at, ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE because you are a foreigner (for me it’s because we are Arabs! Well Tunisians but it’s all the same for them and also because we walk everywhere instead of driving…).
    – Being asked very personal questions because most of them are very very curious.
    – Some do not understand how you come from Africa and still you are not black…
    – Eating fried fruits (well everything is fried actually)
    – Giving up on healthy (and diversified) food (they don’t really eat much vegetables and fruits!), it’s rice, rice and more rice.
    – People randomly coming to you and speaking Arabic (they want to practice you see…)
    – Monkeys, lizards (and their poop everywhere), mosquitos (big ones), big big lizards (even coming from the toilet bowl!) and much more interesting things if you live in a rural area
    – Most of them do not understand you even if you are trying your best to speak their language (somehow no matter how much you try, you will always get it wrong, or at least pronounce it wrong)
    – The constant heat with some heavy rain ! (I miss seasons, cold weather…)
    – I’ve never been comfortable praying at the Masjid as most of their Imams are often very fast (especially in Sujood and rukoo :(…) and Women are not allowed at Jumuaa Prayer :'(
    – There is a lot of ignorance and misconception as well as Bidaa (innovation) due to a lack of knowledge mainly

    As for Indonesia, I haven’t been to Bali but to the Island of Sumatra (Lake Tobo and the Jungle in the North) and from what I’ve seen, the Landscape is wonderful but… the infrastructure is not so much. Getting from one place to another is painful (literally) as the roads are awful and no matter how luxurious is your transport it’s gonna be the same. I know that Bali is full of Tourist so I haven’t even tried to go there but must be beautiful too. Also, you have to be careful with your belonging and with everything in general.

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      Walaykumu salaam. Jazakillahu khayrun for the indepth comment sis. Would you be interested in writing a post about your experiences living in Malaysia for the first year? Id love to publish it on my blog! So many of us would love to go to Malaysia it would be nice to have a first hand account inshaAllah

      • muslimaintheworld says:

        I would love to but right now I’m in the process of moving back to Tunisia and I have too many things to take care of. I’m planning on writing something about it in the future (and about all the countries I’ve visited/lived in), I always like to take distance and time from things to be able to be more objective because as you might have seen all my comments about Malaysia were negative 😛 Because I’m kind of relieved to leave and not able too much to realize (and appreciate) all the good things here yet, but I will eventually. When I do write something I will let you know for sure! (plus I have like dozens of unfinished articles I have to edit for my blogs on my waiting list ^^). May Allah bless you sister.

  2. Maemi says:

    These are all such lovely places to visit! =) And so much food wishing considering everything is halal, Alhumdulilah <3 In sha Allah hope that you get to see them in person and tell us about it.

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      Jazakillahu khayrun for the comment 😄 it would be such a luxury so go to a country and you dont have to check if it has alcohol, gelatin or if its halal! Especially coming from England!

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