Can a Book Make You a Happy Muslim? | Book Review

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some books from FB Publishings to review alhamdulillah and one of them was ‘How to Be a Happy Muslim Insha’Allah‘ by Sheima Salam Sumer Ed.S.

When I was first given the option of what books I could review, this one caught my eye. I’ve never personally been a fan of ‘self help books’ as they’re popularly known but I’d previously read Don’t Be Sad and liked the topic from an Islamic perspective.

Once I opened this book, subhanAllah, I couldn’t put it down! This book is EXACTLY what you need as a busy Muslimah. It hits the topic from an Islamic, Counselling and Health perspective which I found fascinating. The author, Sister Sheima herself has a Master’s degree in Counselor Education making her ideal to convey the message of this book.

“This book’s main goal is to empower and teach you ho to develop your own way or theory of being a happy Muslim” quote from page 22

It was a light and easy read without skimping on the important content. The layout of the book was also very easy to follow, which is something that I found really refreshing. It’s split into 24 easy to digest chapters, with the last chapter being a summary of the whole book. So even if you skim read through the whole thing, the last chapter is a nice round-up of the topics discussed throughout.

I also enjoyed Sheima’s use of “Happiness Hints” and “Happiness Reflections” to break up the main body of the text and help to absorb the information that’s come previously, a very nice writing technique.

The author, Sheima, also gives some of her own personal experiences and coping mechanisms which made it feel like you were taking a real journey with her, as opposed to some books in this genres that can come across as a little ‘preachy’.

It’s easy to forget that Islam is a comprehensive way of life that deals with EVERYTHING, this book was just the reminder that I needed. A book in itself cannot help you to be a Happy Muslim (without first putting your trust in Allah swt), but if you pick up this book, I can almost guarantee that you’ll learn something new that will change you’re life and put you on that journey to becoming a Happy Muslim.

Wasalaam – Peace Be Upon You

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