The Amanah of Daughters – Becoming a Mother

Bismillahir rahmanir rahmeem

Lucky is the woman who’s first child is a daughter – Prophet Muhammad (saw)

The further and further I get into my pregnancy (I kept that quiet right?), the more I reflect on what Allah swt may have blessed me with. Will it be a boy? Or maybe Allah swt would have blessed me with a beautiful daughter insha’Allah. Either way I’ll be grateful but lately I’ve been allowing myself to daydream about meeting my beautiful child.

I can’t speak for every mother but for me, the desire to have a girl is STRONG but I also see it as a massive daunting responsibility.

If we look at the example of our Beloved Prophet (saw), he really brought home the amanah (trust) of having daughters and the benefits of raising Muslimahs who are beautiful in character.

The Prophet saw had 4 daughters: Zaynab, Ruqqayah, Umm Kulthum and Faatima (may Allah swt be pleased with them all). There are countless stories from the Seerah (the life of the Prophet (saw)) where we see the love and respect the Prophet (saw) had for his children and in particular, Faatima (ra).

Not only is Faatima (ra) one of the women promised Jannah, she was raised by a woman promised Jannah subhanAllah. This really shows the benefits of being a righteous wife and mother and how this can insha’Allah rub off onto the child – but that’s for another blog post inshaAllah.

The way the Prophet (saw) loved and cared for Fatima brings tears to my eyes. In a society where it was common practice to bury daughters, where father’s faces would darken on the news of the birth of a daughter, we see the radiant shining light of the example of our Prophet (saw). Muhammad (saw) would rise in a gathering and give his daughter the seat he occupied and kiss her on the head whilst doing so. In a society where even some of the Companions would not even kiss their children, he (saw) would hold his daughters hand and walk wth her proudly, Allah Akbar.

Not one of the Prophet’s (saw) daughters lacked confidence, they were proud Muslimahs who embraced their faith and this was through the love and care they received from their mother and father. They knew that children, and specifically daughters, are an amanah from Allah swt. He swt entrusts us with these beautiful little girls who will inshaAllah grow up to be beautiful women who deserve respect. Our precious pearls.

As a daughter, they open the doors to jannah for their parents, as a wife she becomes half of her husband’s deen and as a mother Jannah lies at her feet. So why would ANYONE deny or dismay at this amazing blessing from Allah swt?

May Allah swt bless our children (whether they be boys or girls) and give us the understanding to guide them towards the Qur’an and Sunnah, Ameen.


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10 thoughts on “The Amanah of Daughters – Becoming a Mother

  1. Maemi says:

    SubhanAllah! Congratulations! 😀 That is such good news! May Allah bless you with everything good and make this journey easy for the entire family.
    Yes, the story of Fatima is truly heartwarming. There is so much to benefit from.
    Thank you for this beautiful reminder. May Allah bless you <3

  2. Awliyah Sisterhood says:

    congrats sis! may allah bless you with children who are righteous and the coolness of your eyes, ameen. could you do a #convertsation article on madhabs with some advice?

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