Unleashing Creativity: Book Review

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

I recently reviewed Unleashing Creativity by Majid Mahmood. For me personally, I’m on a mission to write a book of my own and thought the techniques would come in handy so I gave it a read. I haven’t received any remuneration for doing so and have given an honest reflection of what I thought.

So without further a do, here’s my review of Unleashing Creativity inshaAllah.

5 Things I Loved About the Book

  1. The Introduction: when it comes to a book about creativity, there may be the misconception that to be ‘creative’ it must manifest itself in some kind of writing, or other ‘artsy’ type of endeavour. This book puts the record straight and even suggests that you can be creative with research! Let’s face it, some of us can’t even draw a stick man so to find a book that allows you to unlock your creativity in a number of ways is a major plus!
  2. The quotes at the beginnig of each chapter: who doesn’t love a good quote? I know I do! Taking inspriation from people throughout the ages and using it to motivate yourself is all part of human nature and I think it’s a great way to kick off a chapter instead of just diving into the nitty gritty
  3. The idea that creativity is a cycle or processes: as the saying goes “there’s more than one way to skin a cat”. Being creative isn’t always about following the methods of others but creating your own tailored to you
  4. The enemies of creativity: “Know thy enemy, know thy self.” I thought this section was great as it broke down the true enemies of creativity and helped to identify them so you can avoid them in the future


Things ThatĀ Could Be Improved

  1. The actual writing: it stalls in places and could do with a good proof read. I’m a sucker for bad grammar and missing words in sentences
  2. In some places, it does ramble slightly. One thing I’ve learnt from the years I’ve been writing in a professional and personal capacity is that if there’s a shorter way of saying something – use it! As a former law student, I’m used to rambling to fill word counts but when it comes to writing for fun or business, it’s not always necessary
  3. A flowchart of the different methods of fostering creativity. This would add some nice visuals to the book and for some may make it easier to digest

All in all I think Majid Mahmood has done a wonderful job on this short and helpful guide to unleasing your creativity. For someone like me who’s a blogger looking to take on bigger and bolder pieces of writing, the methods will especially come in handy when drafting a refining my ideas. Good job Majid mashaAllah!

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