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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Honey is mentioned in the Qur’an as a food of jannah in Surah 47 (Muhammad (saw)) ayah 15, and the cute little creatures responsible for it’s production are the incredible honey bee (Surah An- Nahl). Interested in how (and why) bees make honey? Click this link to find out!

Not only are they honoured in the Qur’an, they’re honoured in the sunnah too!

Throughout the sunnah our Beloved Messenger (saw) stated the benefits of honey as a cure.

Cure is in three (things): a drink of honey, a slash of the knife used in Hijaamah and branding (cauterising) by fire. And I prohibit my nation from cauterising – Bukhari 5356

Yes honey is a type of sugar BUT it has amazing benefits for the body alhamdulillah and in moderation it is what some describe as a ‘superfood’.

Honey is naturally antiseptc as well as anti bacterial and anti fungal, a triple threat! People have been using it consistently throughout time topically on the skin, for coughs and colds, on cuts and wounds and for their hair.

I remember a funny hadith where one of the Prophet’s (saw) wives, Zainab bint Jahsh (ra) was given some honey and he (saw) loved honey so he stayed with her and ate some. Having spent so much time with the one wife, the others, namely Aisha (ra) and Hafsa (ra) became jealous and decided to play a joke on him by saying his breath was unpleasant. The Messenger (saw) promised to never eat honey again. He later received revelation about what his wives had planned and gave them the silent treatment for a month as punishment subhanAllah. This is an interesting hadith as I have heard some claim that honey can infact help with issues such as halitosis.

Do you like honey? How do you use this sunnah food?

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