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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

It’s funny how getting stuck in a YouTube time warp can lead you to discovering new things. I stumbled upon the “zero waste movement.”

What is zero waste? Find out about the movement and leave comments below for future posts

Zero Waste: maximizes recycling, minimizes waste, reduces consumption and ensures that products are made to be reused, repaired or recycled back into nature or the marketplace (definition taken from GrassRoots Recycling Network).

Zero Waste is definitely something I want to incorporate more into my life in baby steps. From a spiritual perspective, it makes complete sense to me. Allah swt has put us on this Earth as ‘vicegrants’ or caretakers and unfortunately, on a daily basis, we disrespect this amaanah (trust) from our Creator.

From the endless videos I seem to have watched about zero waste there are a number of easy ways you can incorporate it into your life on either a small or large degree. You may already be living a zero waste lifestyle to some degree and you may not know it. That’s the funny thing about labelling movements like this, many may already been taking part but are unaware.

Zero waste seems to go beyond HOW you buy and can manifest itself into WHAT you buy as well. Many zero waste YouTubers I’ve watched are also vegan as their zero waste lifestyle extends to a dislike of the dairy or meat producing industries.

If you don’t want to go as far as vegan, there are many benefits of reducing your animal product intake and eating a more plant based diet.

If you’re interested in more details about zero waste, leave a comment below and I’ll write more posts!

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3 thoughts on “What is Zero Waste? | Christal Joan

  1. imnotafraidtowalkalone says:

    I’d sure like to hear more about this. I’ve been wantin’ to join this movement for a while now. I like to hear personal stories from people who are joinin’ this movement and lifestyle. I haven’t heard someone say they want to do this for spiritual reasons before. Usually, the reason is they want to help the environment and not feel so cluttered in their everyday lives. I like your contribution to it.

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      Thanks for the comment. By nature of my lifestyle every decision is a spiritual decision for me. It matches perfectly with what I practice and it trains your mind to declutter and detach yourself from worldly life.

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