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If you read my previous post about zero waste, you’ll know it’s one of my new favourite research topics. Getting into the groove of a zero waste lifestyle from your existing one can seem daunting. Baby steps are key to consistency and won’t leave you craving for your old life.

So here are my zero waste home hacks!

Want to live a more minimalist life? Wondering how you can take the first steps to making your home zero waste? Then this article is for you!


Sicne October 2015, the UK took a crucial step to charging customers 5p for plastic bags. I’m sure the sale of reusable bags went through the roof with new funky designs popping up everywhere. I myself own a lovely collection of reusable bags and carry them everywhere, something I was familiar with doing before the charge came in. Ranging in prices, they’re a must have edition to anyone trying to live a zero waste lifestyle.



A new obsession of mine and something that I would recommend to anyone is collecting/ buying glass jars or containers. Previously I’d store food in BPA free containers but over time they stain and become warped. Glass jars not only help you to see what food you have, they are reusable and easy to clean. I buy my glass jars from IKEA for around £2 but you can easily reuse ones you get pasta/ curry sauces in etc.



I’m a sucker for buying bottled water… Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose and most families throw away around 40kg of plastic every year which could be recycled. Also, depending on the type of bottle, some are not BPA free which leads to harmful chemicals leeching into the water. Having a nice (glass/ BPA free) water bottle will cut down your bottled water consumption and save a tonne of waste. There’s no shortage of fancy water bottles on the market. It will not only save on waste, it’ll save on money when you’re out and about and thirst strikes.



This is something my mom used to do with us as children. We always used to resuse straws. It’s so easy to throw out straws and not even think about it. A pack of 100 can sometimes go for as cheap as a £1. The problem with this is the low price leads to waste.

Resuable straws can be glass or metal and are readily available from Amazon or EBay.



This may seem like a lot of faffing about but if you’re a tea drinker it’s a worth while investment. Standard tea bags often go through a bleaching process and by cutting out the bag, you cut out the bleach. It also gives you the freedom to make up your own tea blends that you may not be able to find in store.

Loose leaf tea and tea strainers can be found all over the internet in many shapes and size so go ahead and embrace your inner tea lover.


Have you got any zero waste home hacks? Leave them in the comments below!


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