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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

With a baby on the way inshaAllah, it’s got me thinking more and more about how I can improve the atmosphere of my home and how I can make it a more wholesome Islamic environment. There are countless books on the subject and it can often feel overwhelming and out of reach for the average Muslim. So I came up with 5 tips to building an islamic home and I hope you’ll join me in my journey towards


The person you choose to build your home with is essential to the strength of it’s foundations. If you aren’t already married, think about if you’d want your children to be like your spouse, or would the thought just make you cringe?

For those of us that are already married, alhamdulillah, we need to learn how to grow with each other to build on the foundations we are already trying to put down.

No one’s perfect but if your spouse is trying and you can see them struggling, encourage them and nurture them as you would like to be cared for. It’s easier said than done but inshaAllah, we can all improve with a bit of love and respect.

Live with them in kindness.” Surah An-Nisa 4:19



As a reminder to yourself, your spouse and your children, it’s always nice to have Islamic reminders around the home. Ayatul Kursi by the front door, duas for entering and leaving the toilet, even on mirrors. Our Beloved Prophet (saw) gave us all the duas we needed throughout his life, may Allah swt reunite us with him in jannatul firdous, Ameen. They can all be found in The Fortress Of a Muslim, a handy little book that should be in everyone’s life.

InshaAllah, I will link to some homemade Islamic home reminders that you can download and put around your home.



The example of a home in which Allah is remembered and the example of a home in which Allah is not remembered, is like comparing the living and the dead. [Muslim]

Whether this is a room or just a corner in any room, establishing a place of worship in the home is crucial to helping your children establish an Islamic routine. Make them aware of prayer times and encourage them to set out the prayer mats for the whole family.

Men should pray their fardh (obligatory) salah in the masjid but this doesn’t stop them from praying the sunnah prayers with their family. If anything this is encouraged.

The voluntary prayer in the home is better than the voluntary prayer with the people. It is like the obligatory prayer of the man in congregation being better than praying the obligatory by himself. [Sahih al-Jaami]


Teaching and learning together is an amazing bonding experience. Not only are you remembering Allah swt, you’re learning more about Him as well. Make a habit of weekly/ bi weekly halaqahs for your family, concentrating on a new topic or series of topics each time. InshaAllah, when the children get older, encourage them to choose a topic and teach the rest of the family as well. This will not only build on their Islamic knowledge base, it will encourage them to develop a sense of self confidence and public speaking skills.

“Read/ recite in the name of your Lord who created…. Read/ Recite, and your Lord is the Most Generous.” – Surah Al-Alaq 96:1-3


As important as it is to teach your child the Prophetic Tradtion and instill in them a love for the Quran we MUST as parents lead by example. You cannot tell your children to stop listening to music, watch less TV and read more Quran when you do none of the above.

Leading by example may be one of the hardest parts of building an Islamic home but in my opinion it is the most crucial. The other steps cannot be followed without this being the case.

Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock. The ameer (ruler) who governs the people is a shepherd and is responsible for his flock. A man is the shepherd of the members of his household and is responsible for them. A woman is the shepherd of her husband’s house and children and is responsible for them. A slave is the shepherd of his master’s wealth and is responsible for it. Each of you is a shepherd and each of you is responsible for his flock. [Bukhaari, 7138; Muslim, 1829]

 I hope you’ll join me in trying to improve the atmosphere of your home and keep me up to date with changes you’re making to share with others inshaAllah.

It’s a hard and long journey but we’re in this together!

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