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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Pregnancy is a journey. From the day you find out, you learn so much more about yourself and how you interact with others. For me, I have personally found it to be a time of reflection and self- improvement. So here are the 5 things I learnt about myself during my first pregnancy.


There’s something about having your own baby that makes you want to reflect on all the things you enjoyed as a child. It made me want to ask more questions about what I was like as a kid, what memories my mum had being pregnant and how my dad coped with the idea of fatherhood.

I found myself pulling out old pictures wondering if the baby will look like. I started thinking about all the precious little things and memories I’ll want to create with my own child, inshaAllah.

It may just be the hormones but, I’d like to think being pregnant has softened my heart.


Throughout this pregnancy I’ve been quite active, alhamdulillah. Even after being diagnosed with severe anaemia in the first trimester I’ve found it hard accept help. Whether it was washing dishes or carrying heavy shopping up to 2 flights of stairs.

I’ve never been a person that likes to rely on people for help but, as I’ve inevitably gotten heavier and slower I find myself needing more assistance.

Humbling myself and realising that I’m not infallible doesn’t mean I’m weak or incapable. It’s just a simple fact of life – every now and again, you’ll need a helping hand.


Family has always been important to me but experiencing the support I have through this first pregnancy has really taught me how to value those family is. My mum, dad, and grandparents have been invaluable to this process. Just having them around has been a blessing.

Having the opportunity to raise my child around these family members is also something that is very close to my heart. Every child is precious, and who you expose them to in their formative years will be a part of their mould for life.


In the beginning everything would stress me out. Even the smallest things. My anxiety levels were through the roof. Strangely, the only thing that didn’t stress me out was work. As the months have gone by, I’ve trained myself to de-stress, to hand my troubles over to Allah and trust in His higher plan. Easy to type, hard to master. It’s still a work in progress but it’s a task I’m taking seriously. Self development and improvement has been a personal project I’ve taken on during this pregnancy especially in the last few months. I looked at myself as a person, truly, with no ego and identified the areas in which I knew I’d like to improve before I give birth. Knowing you’ll be a major influence on another person has the effect on you. I’d hate to see my bad qualities reflected in my child and watch them struggle as I have to improve themselves.


Stepping into the world of pregnancy and motherhood is like walking into the unknown. Knowing what are old wives tales and what are hard facts is like trying to see the wood through the trees. But…. There is always the internet! Facebook has become invaluable to me when it comes to reading properly researched, eloquent articles. BellyBelly based in Australia are amazing. You can also try the Baby Centre app which gives day by day updates, tips and tricks.

I’ve also had the benefit of very good midwives throughout my pregnancy who have been nice enough to answer all of my questions – no matter what they’ve been.


The need to better myself before I become the guardian of someone else has been transformative and although the journey has been difficult in parts, I wouldn’t change a thing!

What did you learn about yourself when you were pregnant? Like and share the post and stay tuned for more mummy blogs.


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