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Pregnancy is a journey. Not only do you learn about yourself, you learn about those around you. I always thought I had honoured and loved my mum the way she deserved, until I fell pregnant myself.

A Sahabi (companion of the Prophet (saw)) came to the Prophet (saw) and asked him who was more worthy of his time, his mother or his father. The Prophet (saw) replied your mother, your mother, your mother, and then your father. Do we really give our mothers respect they deserve for all that they’ve done for us?


His mother carried him with hardship and gave birth to him with hardship – Surah Ahqaf : 15

I’ve gained weight, suffered severe anaemia, dealt with morning sickness (which should be renamed all day sickness), been prodded, poked and peed on myself numerous times but… I wouldn’t change a thing. Being blessed by Allah swt and having the chance to carry a child is still one of the most shocking and amazing things I’ve done with my life to date.

My mum was so ill when she was pregnant with me. She was 26, the same age I am now, and suffered many of the same symptoms.

In Arabic, the word for womb is rahm, coming from the word rahma meaning ‘mercy’. Allah swt is Ar-Rahman, the Most Merciful. He chose to name our wombs after a name that He swt gave to himself. What an honour we have as women!


I was a very sick child. There were times were I’d spend weeks on end in hospital and my mum was always by my side, day and night. To think of all the times she would have had to cancel plans because I wasn’t well or I was ‘coming down with something’ just highlights the sacrifices she, and other mothers make. Even now married at 26, she still worries and cares for me when I fall ill. This is a mercy that Allah swt has left on the Earth for us to witness. And to think that Allah swt is even more merciful to us than our own mothers, subhanAllah.

One of my main concerns I had when I found out I was pregnant was, ‘could I display this kind of mercy?’, ‘was I capable of putting someone else before myself in every and any way?’ Now I can say most definitely the answer is yes by the will of Allah swt. It is something that was inherent in me that just needed to be awoken.


The love between a mother and a child is sublime. Not only did she physically carry you, but from the day she found out you were growing inside of her, she carried you in her heart. Almost every day of my pregnancy, my mum has called me. More frequently so now I’m in the third trimester. In the beginning I didn’t understand it. Why would she phone every day, she knows I’m ok? But now it’s hitting me that I’m going to be a mother inshaAllah I get it. When you carry someone in your heart, when you love them for the sake of Allah, gestures like this are intrinsic.

My mum prays for myself and my sister more than she has ever prayed for herself and in return we pray for her because she deserves it. I don’t care if your mother is a Muslim or a non- Muslim – my mum is proof that the values and etiquettes of Islam are universal. After all, she raised a Muslim and didn’t even know it!

May Allah swt bless our mothers, bring them to the deen and grant them jannatul firdous for the hardships they have had to face because of us, Ameen.


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