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Bismillahir rahmanir rahmeem

Alhamdulillah, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to film with the BBC a few months ago about my reversion to Islam.

When I was initially approached by them I was skeptical, as any Muslim would be, in these days and times. Will my words be twisted? How will I come across? Will I be shunned by non- Muslims as well as Muslims for deciding to participate? I had a lot of questions that needed answering. Reactions of friends were not initially positive. They too had reservations about me working with the BBC but alhamdulillah they supported my decision so I went ahead.

I exchanged messages back and forth with Amber Haque who presented the piece and re-assured me it would all be above board and aired on The One Show.

The reason I chose to participate in the piece was the interesting angle they approached it from. Not only were they filming me, they were filming a lady who had left the faith as well, something I am definitely not familiar with. The beautiful thing about Islam is that when you truly discover Allah swt for your own sake, you can never imagine turning away from him. You almost look at those around you who aren’t Muslim and wonder how they don’t feel it too. But Allah swt does say:

Allah has set a seal upon their hearts and upon their hearing, and over their vision is a veil – Surah Baqarah ayah 7

When it came to film the piece I chose to have my mum, sister and niece with me. It was really important for me to show that Islam had not changed my family dynamic at all and that we were the same, if not stronger than ever.

Through doing the filming, I got to hear what my family thought of my conversion to Islam, and how people had approached them about it. If nothing else, my family’s honest (LOL). My mum has always had a positive opinion of me becoming Muslim, alhamdulillah she bought me my first hijab and attends the masjid with me regularly. However, for my sister and my niece there were mixed reactions¬†and I’m glad that came across on screen. It just goes to show that families can and do come around to the idea of people reverting to Islam and it’s not such a big deal after all. As my mum says in the clip “It’s just Christal!”

I’m really passionate about sharing my journey to Islam and helping others do the same and share their Islam with their family. If you need help or support please do email me at or message me on my Facebook page.

ChristalBlogs x

(Check out the show by clicking this link)

I’d like to thank Amber, Sian and the rest of The One Show team for letting me share my story and the Islam that I love.

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  1. Muslimah92 says:

    Congrats sis!! The link did not work for me, but I am still all the more happy. Great job!! May Allah protect and preserve you and open the hearts of your family!!

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