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My name’s Christal and I love dahl. I don’t care if it’s brown lentil, green lentils or kidney beans, I love dahl. Growing up. I used to jump the fence in my back garden and have lunch with my neighbour and her daughter. She used to make dahl and FRESH straight off the tawa rotis smothered in delicious ghee. It’s one of my favourite memories as a child and was an amazing introduction to tasty vegetarian foods.

This dahl is quick, easy, sweet, spicy and well worth a try in these chillier months were you need to bit of warming up!


1 large sweet potato, cubed

1 red onion

1 cup red split lentils, washed


1 tsp of ground cumin

1 tsp ground coriander

2 tsp dried chili flakes (I made my own)

2 tsp curry powder

1 tsp cayenne

Himalayan pink salt

Black pepper

Veggie stock cube

Enough water to cover the dhal and sweet potato by 1cm


Dice the red onion and sweat in a pot with a tasblespoon of oil over medium heat.

Add the cumin, coriander, chilli flakes and curry powder and cook out the spices until they become fragrant.

Add the lentils and stir into the spice mixture. Once covered, add the cubed sweet potato.

Add enough water to cover the ingredients in the pot by 1cm and toss in your stock cube.

Pop the lid on and simmer until the lentils and sweet potato are tender.

Season with salt and black pepper to taste and serve with roti, over rice, or just enjoy on it’s own.

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