Was the woman wearing a scarf to hide her cancer? (Overcome.tv) | Christal Joan

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

I was a borderline convert for a long time, longer than I even realised myself. Islam was at the end of my journey BUT I couldn’t deny that’s the way my life was going.



I had so many questions before I reverted and alhamdulillah, Allah swt put people in my path that were able to alleviate all of my concerns. He brought friends and teachers into my life to guide me so that when I did take my shahadah, I had no doubts in my mind or in my heart.

I always love hearing the stories of others that were in the same position as me, borderline, between Islam and kufr (disbelief) and finding out what was the crucial turning
point. The thing that made them think, “yup, that’s it, Islam’s for me.”


And that’s where overcome.tv comes in. They talk to converts who want to share the concerns they had  what advice they would have for others who are thinking about accepting Islam.This is  great initiative and a concept that inspired me to start my own blog.

They’ve been kind enough to allow me to share their videos on a weekly basis on my blog and social media channels alhamdulillah, may Allah swt reward them, Ameen.

So here’s the first video I’m sharing with you.

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