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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Birth. The most beautiful and terrifying experience a woman can go through. One minute you’re literally 2 people in one and the next you’re separate. You’re a mom alhamdulillah. BUT, there’s a lot that happens to you after giving birth that many don’t talk about or fail to mention.


When my midwives told me that if I didn’t pass water (or number 2) within a few hours after giving birth they’d insert a catheter, I began to panic. I drank tonnes of water, tea whatever I could get my hands on and ate whatever was put in front of me. Then the time came for me to go… I was anxious. Would it sting, would it be…. messy? But alhamdulillah, everything was fine. All praises are due to Allah swt, I didn’t tear during birth so that had a lot to do with it but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t sting a little bit. A gross as it sounds, you may want to consider peeing in the shower or at least having some water on hand to ‘pour as you pee’.



Obviously, I knew after I gave birth my belly wouldn’t be firm anymore but I wasn’t prepared for the jelly belly that would be left behind. It just felt…. weird. I felt empty and I couldn’t believe how sad this made me feel. Medical professionals will poke, prod and push on this jelly belly making it feel even more weird. There’s nothing you can do about it until you’re 6 week check up depending on if you get the go ahead to exercise, so embrace your weird jelly belly. It’s just proof that your body did something amazing.



My midwife told me that I would bleed after giving birth but my gosh, I wasn’t prepared. Just think, you haven’t had a period for around 9 months! That’s a lot of catching up your body has to make. Maternity pads weren’t even making a DENT in my post-natal flow so I turned to a trick a very good friend had given me. Incontinence pants. Yes, they’re like giant nappies but trust me, you’ll thank me for this tip! They were a lifesaver for me when I needed them most, sounds emotional I know.



“Oh breastfeeding doesn’t hurt.” “Just feed through the pain.” “You’re not trying hard enough.” All things I’ve heard or read in relation to breastfeeding and trust me, these are the things you DON’T want to hear when you’re sleep deprived, your nipples feel like they’ve been cut with knives and doused in lemon juice and it’s time for another feed.

My first bit of advice would be to get advice. Read everything and ask ask your health visitor about breastfeeding and different latches. Know that your baby will feel like they’re constantly attached to your boob and this is normal.

They’ll also leak, A LOT, so buy yourself some breast pads. I used to apply Vaseline before putting the breast pad in my bra, it used to stick. There’s nothing worse than trying to pry a breast pad off a sore nipple.

Birthing is beautiful and hopefully inshaAllah through this short article, a little bit less terrifying!


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16 thoughts on “What They Didn’t Tell You About After Giving Birth | Christal Joan

  1. ashantininja says:

    I remember breastfeeding. Alhamdolillah my mum and gran told me it would kill for about a week and it did. After that it was fine. I soon gave up the breast pads because they would smell so much. I tried using cut up pieces of towel. I preferred that because it didn’t stick.

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      SubhanAllah, I’ve read articles where some women find expressing impossible but I think it’s to do with how your body reacts to the natural suction provided by the baby as opposed to the pump. How perfect Allah has designed our bodies alhamdulillah!

  2. Mama of Leo says:

    Motherhood… It is the greatest life changer I wen through! It devided my life into pre-mommy era, and post-mommy era.
    And LOL! As if you are describing my experience!
    I suffered from breastfeeding for about a month, and then it went smoothly… a cousin of my husband -may Allah bless her for the advice- told me that breastfeeding will make me feel that I wasn’t created to this at the beginning, but the pain will fade away in a month. And I listened well, and endured the pain for a month, only to start an amazing breastfeeding journey after that, that extended unless my son was 18 months, alhamdulellah 😀

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      Ameen. It gets soo much easier after that initial period but soo many people actually encourage you to give it it’s insane. Alhamdulillah you made it to 18 months! That’s amazing.

      I totally agree with the pre and post mommy era, that’s exactly how I see my life now as well.

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