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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Allah swt clearly tells us we will face tests. And as the phrase goes this duniya is the testing place, not the resting place. We know this, we hear this all the time but the difference between those who fail and those who excel is how you deal with those tests.

InshaAllah, this blog post will go through figures in Islam who excelled and failed in the tests that Allah swt put in their path. By the will of Allah swt we can take their examples and learn from them so we too can be successful in the duniya and the akhira, Ameen.


We all know the story of Aasiyah, but do we really appreciate the test she faced? She was a woman in a position of affluence married to a cruel, heartless, egotistical man. She was brought the message of Islam and accepted it at a time where she knew the extent to which her husband hated the religion. She put herself in a dangerous position and for all intensive purposes was a victim of domestic abuse. May Allah swt help all of our brothers and sisters who have been or are victims of domestic abuse, Ameen.

She was pushed to the limit but Allah swt says:

Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear… – Surah Baqarah ayah 286

She is a beautiful example of what trust in Allah swt really means, holding firm to the rope of Allah swt.


Imagine your a single woman, an angel comes to you and tells you you’ll bear a son even though you’ve never been touched by a man. You’re known in your community as a chaste woman, praying and fasting within the depths of your house. People are looking at you in disgust and amazement wondering how “the sister of Harun” could take such an amazing fall from grace. And when people are confronting you about your “crime” you don’t respond, you point to your babe in arm to speak on your behalf!

SubhanAllah, Maryam went through it. But she persevered. She trusted in the qadr of Allah and her reward was not only in this life, becoming the mother of one of the 5 Uloo’l-‘Azm, she will become a woman of jannah in the akhirah.

What do these two great figures in Islam have in common? They were ready for the test. Allah swt knew that they would perform at their best and alhamdulillah they are both a great example for us all. They had faith in their Lord that He would give them the strength to persevere and strive to success.

Now let’s look at those who failed their test.



Yes Firaun had a test. His test was the test of the ego, coincidentally, the same test Shaytaan faced. Instead of embracing Islam, he denounced it and did everything in his power, including proclaiming himself as Lord (astaghfirAllah), to try and destroy Musa (as) and the message he was bringing. Firaun will burn in the fires of jahanam because he could not control his nafs and accept the truth.But that’s the thing about ego, unless you learn to put it to one side and crush it, in the end you’ll be the loser.

So many are facing this same test. Demonising and criminalising Islam when they know deep down in their hearts it’s the truth. But lying and deluding yourself is so much easier. After all Allah swt says:

This world is a prison for the believer and a paradise for the disbeliever – Sahih Muslim



As a revert, this is something that is close to my own heart. Neither of my parents are Muslim and Allah swt knows best whether they will embrace Islam. Alhamdulillah their hearts are open but they’re not there yet, may Allah swt guide them to Islam, Ameen.

The father of Ibrahim (as) was not only an disbeliever, he used to make the idols that the people would worship. This was his test. Could he leave the way of his forefathers behind and embrace something better? Would he go against the people and support his son who was alienating himself by called to tawheed and the worshipping of one god and not idols. Unfortunately not. He continued to make idols, disowned his son and never accepted the message of tawheed that he brought.

Leaving behind what your parents have taught you for something that they have no knowledge and may not accept is a very difficult thing to do. Alhamdulillah, my parents had no problem with me accepting Islam but I know if I was put in the position of Ibrahim (as), my Islam may not still be intact.But that was Azar’s test and by the will of Allah swt he failed. Failed to accept tawheed and to leave behind the religion of his forefathers that was of no benefit to his akhirah.


So will you be like Aasiyah or Firaun? WIll you be like maryam or like Azar? The choice is yours. Allah swt gave us free will in these things for a reason. To find out who would pass the tests he put in their path and who would fail. To determine who was ready for jannah and who wasn’t.

May Allah swt ever burden us with something we cannot handle and may we excel in the tests he provides us with and they are a means for us to enter jannatul firdous, Ameen.

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20 thoughts on “Are you ready for the test? | Christal Joan

  1. Rāyä says:

    Sub han Allah i try and try to remind myself how the dunya is a test and we should trust in Allah swt…and whenever I forget…someone else reminds me alhumdulillah! Allahu akbar!

  2. By Fatima says:

    Really enjoyed reading this sister & I think that was the first time I heard Prophet Ibrahim (AS) father’s name (so you taught me something too) … May we all pass the test in’sha’Allah xo

  3. Shahira says:

    Reading the story of Azar always breaks my heart especially on Surah Mary
    am where he says his son Ibrahim AS to go away. As a child it would have been so hurtful.

    The story of Maryam and the story of Asiya are so close to my heart. When I went through a difficult time I had read those verses and tafseer so many times !

    May Allah make us strong in faith. May He guide your parents back to Islam.

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      Ameen to your duas sis. SubhanAllah that part of Ibrahim’s story always touches me as well. As parents we can sometimes forget the hurtful things we say to our children. Maryam and Aasiya are brilliant examples for us all alhamdulillah

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      Ameen! It’s so easy to read but extremely hard to implement in our lives but that’s exactly where the test is BUT the reward is with Allah swt. The safest and most reliable place it can be!

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