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Bismillahir rahmanir raheem
I would say I identify as an introvert, so when it comes to stepping outside of my comfort zone traditionally I haven’t been great at it. One of the things I’ve come to learn after having my son is that to progress in life, to get the maximum out of it, you HAVE TO step outside of your comfort zone.


A comfort zone is a place where you feel safe and stress and anxiety is minimised. This isn’t always a bad thing. You need this space. After going out and battling the world you need a safe space to clear your mind. However, living in this space all the time is not where you’ll thrive.


Stepping out of your comfort zone and finding your optimal anxiety level is one of the best things you can do. Studies have shown that optimal anxiety, (the sweet spot of anxiety) is performance and alertness are optimised. And who doesn’t want to work to their optimum right?


As I continue my journey as a newly qualified life coach, I came to the realisation that I needed a mentor. Someone to show me the ropes and help to to contribute in my development (coaches need coaches too you know!)
This is usually where I would stop and  I assume where most introverts would. Often, people think introverts are lazy/unwilling to work but that’s not the case. Most of the time we’re freaking out in our heads trying to figure out how we we achieve what we want in life WITHOUT leaving our comfort zones. Well, sorry to break it to you but that’s just not possible.
SO now it’s your turn! STEP OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONES. Put your trust in Allah swt, and give life a chance!
As I break down my barriers, I want to help you do the same in your own lives. That’s why I’ll be sharing more of my journey and opening a secret Facebook group for Personal Development. If you’d like to join, send a DM to my Facebook page ChristalBlogs and inshaAllah I will add you.

19 thoughts on “Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone NOW! | Christal Joan

  1. imanatss says:

    SubhanAllah this is something I’ve been thinking about as I try to grow my blog and reach a wider audience. I have also been thinking about it for my own personal development/ socialisation. I struggle with getting out of my comfort zone most times! I admire you so much for pursuing your life coaching goals and breaking down barriers in the process mashaAllah!

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      Jazakillahu khayrun sis. InshaAllah it’s a journey I’ve been on a while now and alhamdulillah Allah swt is blessing me with results. InshaAllah Allah will make it easy for both of us

  2. Samsam - Simply A Mama says:

    I found myself stepping out of my comfort zone quiet often after I became a wife and mum, even though sometimes it feels very weird (if you know what I mean) Insha’allah slowly I will improve and be more confident while outside my comfort zone.
    congratulations on becoming a qualified life couch Mash’Allah 🙂

  3. Gemma Elizabeth says:

    Someone once told me to do one thing that you are scared of doing every day. Honestly, some days I don’t manage it; but I attribute any small success I’ve had, to those days that I did break out of my comfort zone.

  4. usranaeem says:

    You know what stepping out of your comfort zone is really hard at least it’s very difficult for a person like me.
    But this post motivates me so much that I’ll read it again Everytime I’ll face a difficulty.
    Thank you so much for sharing this because I needed this really bad❤

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      Aww sis, that’s really touched my heart. InshaAllah you’ll get lots of benefit out of this article. And don’t worry, it’s hard for me to lol, I’m still learning. May Allah swt make it easy for both of us, Ameen

  5. Nazima says:

    This is so true! I read an article a little while back about how in order to achieve great things you have to do things you are not comfortable with and don’t feel enjoyable. If you just stick around in your comfort zone, yeah you won’t be stressed but you also won’t see any change. Thanks for the reminder!

    • ChristalBlogs says:

      That is so true though sis subhanAllah. I’m facing another challenge at the moment and i just keep having to remind myself that it’s all worth it for the life I pray to have in the future. InshaAllah bigger and better things to come

  6. Zainab Dokrat says:

    I need this. My life has been in a rut recently, I have been in such a comfort zone. I do need to try something new to get myself out of this. Thank you for sharing, I found this very helpful but I realised praying helps a lot because Allah will always guide you and present opportunities. ( and

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