17 Before 17: How to Take Care of Yourself in 2017

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

So the end of the Gregorian year is upon us! While some will be making New Years Resolutions (not me lol), as Muslims we can take this time to reflect upon the year and set goals for the year to come inshaAllah.

Last year I used the Muslimah Bloggers January Prompt to write my first article of 2017, but this year, I want to give you 17 ways you can care for yourself in 2017.

Since becoming a mother, self care has become a really serious thing for me. As women, we forget that to fill the cup of others, we must also fulfill ourselves. You can’t give from an empty vessel!

So here (in no particular order) are 17 before 2017!

#1 Keep praying. And if you don’t already, START

#2 Start a dua journal

#3 Seek forgiveness from Allah

#4 Ask others for forgiveness

#5 Forgive yourself

#6 Give sadaqah

#7 Start a gratitude journal (this is something I’ll be doing myself. To see examples, follow me on Instagram)

#8 Give yourself a spiritual detox

#9 Make new friends (I have a project for this coming up so stay tuned)

#10 Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison is the thief of joy!

#11 Pick up a new sunnah

#12 Get a new hobby

#13 Learn a new skill

#14 Step out of your comfort zone

#15 Drink more water

#16 Get in some exercise


At the end of the day, you need to take care of yourself before you care for others. It’s a mantra that we all need to incorporate into our lives. InshaAllah the next post will be about my goals for the year to come. Stay tuned for that!

If you need support and motivation to help you become the best you possible, you can join my private Facebook community. Each day I post reflections and self development tasks that will inshaAllah help you on your journey using the expert knowledge I am gaining as a Gratitude and Spiritual Transformation Life Coach.

5 thoughts on “17 Before 17: How to Take Care of Yourself in 2017

  1. lilmuallim says:

    Mashallahy dear, this so in league with what I am working on Alhumdolillah… I’ll print this put tomorrow and check off the ones already established in my case Alhumdolillah. I was super excited to see your start a sunnah… Cause in my bullet journal I want to dedicate a Daily Suunah checklist page…. Let’s share our journey 🙂

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