A review on Christal Joan of Amilah a book written by Halima Hagi- Mohammad. A Somali American writer

Amilah by Halima Hagi-Mohamed: The Review

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem


I’ve read anthologies before and not enjoyed them. I didn’t know what the book was about before I was sent a copy for review and in a way I’m grateful I didn’t. I went into it not knowing what to expect and being pleasantly surprised.

The first story was like a punch in the gut and the next few were just the same! It was a brilliant insight into the lives of Somali Americans, a demographic I’ve never thought to explore before. I found so many similarities with my own culture and experiences that I really think it could be enjoyed by just about anyone.

I loved the authors use of her native tongue throughout the book as well. It gave it an even greater sense of authenticity and I learned what words meant that I’d heard so many times before meant.


When I sat down to think about which story was my favourite, I really struggled. I loved the opening story, Amilah, for it’s raw honesty. It detailed a young Muslim woman who was, seemingly, married to the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, their marriage goes sour and details the results of what led to an inevitable break up. I also loved the story Haniya a story highlighting mental illness in the Islamic Somali American community. Case No. 23 – a jinn story with a twist, was also a story I never expected to enjoy. It’s about a young man who assists in doing ruqiyah on those who have been afflicted by jinn

In all honesty, I loved each and every single one of them and was so gripped I’d often have to force myself to take breaks.

You can purchase Amilah from Amazon. Make sure you leave the author a review, it really helps to get more stories like this out there.

A review on Christal Joan of Amilah a book written by Halima Hagi- Mohammad. A Somali American writer

Christal Joan

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