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The Muslimah’s Guide to Working SMARTER not HARDER

Bismillahir rahmanir raheem

Time, work with it not against it

By time, Indeed man is in loss Surah Asr ayah 1-2

In Surah Asr, Allah swt swears by time. Time is always moving, you can either go with it or it goes with you. Time is a relative concept that as humans you either get it or you don’t. It either freaks you out and makes you panic or you embrace it and use it to your advantage. Unfortunately, we live in a world where time is used as an excuse to forgo duties and responsibilities rather than a tool Allah swt has given us to use.

Hopefully after reading this article your relationship with time will improve and you’ll never get run over by time again.



You won’t always be starting from scratch, you may know things but have never realised it.Taking stock of what you already know is a great way to find gaps in your knowledge base.

When I started to do this, I began to realise how many things I had started to learn about but not finished, leaving those pesky gaps in my learning.

Reinforcing your knowledge is one thing but wasting time going over the same thing is neither time effective or intelligent. If you find yourself going over the same thing, the best thing you can do is try to approach that subject in a different way. For example, as a new Muslim the first surah I learnt was Surah Fatihah (The Opening). I knew a few words but not a lot. Learning from a YouTube video didn’t cut it for me so I went to learn from a teacher. Rather than struggle like most reverts do trying to extract knowledge from YouTube, I changed the WAY I approached my learning to achieve success by the will of Allah. By going with a teacher I trusted, she went over what I already knew, corrected that, and then carried me to the next level.


Time Yourself

How often have you cursed time for passing you by? Gone to open your phone to be productive and spent an hour on social media or YouTube? If not, then I can almost guarantee that you’re lying to yourself.

Allah swt encourages us in the well known hadith to take care of five before five. One of those things is your free time before you become preoccupied. With the passing of time we lose ourselves and a lot of good deeds in the process. But there are some tools we can use so we don’t feel over worked but STILL get the jobs done that are hanging around on our to do lists.

I find timing myself when I perform repetitive tasks gives me a competitive edge to try and cut down the time I spend on it the next time around. And if that doesn’t work for you, you can always try time blocking. For example, set up your household cleaning in 10-15 minute bursts (dishes 15 minutes, sweeping 15 minutes etc).


Goal purpose scope – plan your way to success

Nothing can be a success without a proper plan in place. A goal without a plan is just a wish. A plan without a purpose is a pipe dream. And if there’s no scope, how do you know the when you’ve achieved your goals?

Planning may seem like the most boring part of time management but without it tasks become more daunting then they need to be. You end up working HARDER not SMARTER and “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

I’ve written about goal getting before, you can check out that article for more information about goal setting etc.


time theming

Time theming is something that is relatively new to me but since implementing it, has changed the way my week runs. Instead of waking up each day and wondering what you’re doing, you already know. Instead of working flat out on one project and blinding yourself, you have the time and space to spread your tasks and give them equal time and attention.

Time theming isn’t new to Islam. We time theme and don’t even recognise it. Fridays is Jummah, Mondays and Thursdays are fasting days. These are all themes.

By identifying what you need, either from your business or personal life, and theming your week you can eliminate the hard slug on a single task.

For example, Tuesdays are “clean the house” days for me, Thursdays are “write an article” days. Insha Allah I plan on theming my whole week like this so I can get more done in a week.


What things do you do to work smarter and not harder? I’m always looking for new ways to make the most of my time so it can be spent more wisely on other things. Comment below insha Allah.

The Muslimah's Guide to Working SMARTER not HARDER. To read more visit

Christal Joan


12 thoughts on “The Muslimah’s Guide to Working SMARTER not HARDER

  1. Fozia S says:

    Oh time theming sounds good. I am pretty much a kind of go with the flow person at the moment but think I really need to get a bit more organised.

    • Christal Joan says:

      Unfortunately going with the flow has messed up my life lol so I’m trying to get some more structure. The thing I like about time theming is that I don’t feel rushed to complete a massive list I’ve overburdened myself with.

      Insha Allah you’re doing well sis you’re always in my duas x

  2. Asbah Alaena says:

    A goal without a plan is just a wish. A plan without a purpose is a pipe dream.

    i loved the above line.
    and i loved the idea about Time-theming! I am going to try it as well Insha Allah.
    I figured out with trial and error that I can cook and clean house with kids up, so i complete these chores then and when they sleep i work on my blog. Crafting ideas etc.
    But I have figured out a lot of issues wth me that needs fixing before i can really be productive with my time, and now being conscious of the factor i m working on ways to sort these out.

    enjoyed your post.

    I blog at

    • Christal Joan says:

      I’ll defo check your blog out some more sis insha Allah. I’m just figuring out myself what I can an can’t do while my son is awake lol

  3. Shahira says:

    Thank you so much for the article. Time theme in is an awesome point. I think I should try doing that because a proper pln to the dot doesn’t happen with a baby instead a day with a theme might work better. I shall try it out.

    • Christal Joan says:

      I found the same thing sis, trying to make a list and stick to it with a young one never worked out successfully for me lol

  4. Zainab Dokrat says:

    I loved this post because it really made sense for the moment I am in my life. We have to time and plan our work, working hard is one thing but not focusing genuinely on what we are doing or getting distracted along the way won’t make achieving any goals faster. Thank you for sharing!

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