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I’ve never accepted a guest post for my blog before, let alone a short story. I was intrigued when Words Catcher contacted me via Twitter with this story. Alhamdulillah I’m so glad I accepted it and had the chance to share it with my audience.

When I first read it, I had a “13 Reason Why” flash back (you’ll know what I mean when you read it) and thought it was worth a share.

The Notes Wall

So sit back, read, and enjoy The Notes Wall.

I went to his wall to post my need. I knew like always he would return my request. His wall was blue and purple-lovely and unique. There was a status on his wall that shocked me. He never uploaded a personal status. I checked, and the news was havoc. I started crying. I rechecked it many times, but the words stood the same, Author Mudassir passed away.

“It’s unbelievable. I hung out with him just last night!” I shouted at the laptop in front of me.

“He is a healthy boy and has no disease. How could someone die at so young?,” but no one answered my woes.

Crestfallen, I went to his house and saw many young boys like me. I could sense shame and regret in their eyes. Like me, they were trapped in ‘what ifs.’ None had the eyes to face the others.

His dead body arrived home. I stood affixed, unable to move when his father approached me saying, “See him one last time; you were close to him.”

The comment shook me as his father never knew the reason of closeness. I dragged myself in and saw him lying peacefully all covered in white. He had the same peace on his face which I always saw. I sat beside him, waiting to hear him saying “No problem. I will fix it for you.”

Tears found their way in my eyes, and I witnessed many 15 year olds full of tears; not willing to let him go. They wanted him to come back so they could show their gratitude to him which they had delayed unendingly in his life and which he desired very much.


He was a writer- a brilliant one, yet I never told him about my views. Boys affiliated with him in school also withheld their opinions about how brilliant of a writer he was. We did this because we didn’t want to lose our free resource and tool. He did all our tasks with gratitude. We used him constantly. We had a youth magazine committee group with five members. He was one of them, or you could say, the only one that had real writing passion. We hid feedback about his stories doing well; we hid how much people praised him. He never knew of his real fans. Now, when he was no more, I thought of the harm we had done to him by not conveying our gratitude.


Days followed one another with the same sadness. One day his father invited me to see his room to complete any of his writings he left unfinished. His father wanted his son’s message to reach the masses.

 I walked into his room, my spirit heavy, thinking all the times we used him.  After every selfish encounter and unreturned favor, we feared that he would never help us again. However he never complained. His attitude made us braver in using him. Thinking of the past; I reached his room.

I had seen this room many times. It was a simple room, and the only interesting things he had were his writing companions and achievements. However, you felt at peace after stepping inside. I stood glancing sideways thinking he might appear saying “It was all a dream, I wanted to make you people learn from your mistakes.” but it never happened.

I opened his secret door. I never knew what was behind it. The doors squeaked and in front of me appeared a wall of notes.

The wall was painted white with a lot of notes- blues and greens and reds, and blacks. I stood breathlessly. I knew this was a treasure as they held the golden words of the dead writer.

I saw a lot of red notes at the beginning of the wall. I started reading them and felt my heart in my mouth. I felt my hands shaking and my mind racing back to the past when we had used him. He had recorded all his disappointments in red. They were many red notes in the beginning and merely one or two in the end.

Red notes were the evidence of either how we had used him or ignored his help calls when he needed a favor. He wrote of how people broke him with their selfish words. He recorded how people withheld appreciation from him and how harmful it was for his writing career.

  With every red one, there was a green telling how these wounds and pains made him stronger. They were the self-help notes in which he motivated himself to remain positive and steadfast.

The blue notes had the ideas and triggers for new stories, and the black ones had the accounts that hurt him, and he couldn’t help himself.

I went to his father and asked if I could come every day for few days to complete one of his most important work. He allowed me.


I went there the other day and stood in front of the wall with a diary and a pen. I wanted to give him a tribute. All I came up with was a one-page booklet of advice from a dead writer. I recorded his feelings and perspectives about the kinds of people we meet in our life and how to treat them.

Read the booklet:

In your life, you will meet people that are

  • Good-those who will value you and coordinate with you
  • Hypocrites- who will exploit you and take undue favors and advantages and turn down your help requests
  • Selfish- those who will always be concerned about their well-being and task
  • Never pleased- those that will never appreciate you and tell you that you are worthless

When you meet good people

  1. Stay connected with
  2. Show them your gratitude
  3. Do good to them

In life you face disagreements and hypocrisy, be your own friend. Tell yourself:

  • You are not alone in this situation
  • One day people will realize their mistakes, and they will reap as they sow. Believe, those who do unfair will never be happy and blessed. They will repay for their wrong doings.
  • It’s healthy to forgive than to keep everything in the heart.
  • Do them favors if its benefits the mass and seek reward from Allah.

When encountering those who are never pleased

  • Don’t beg their approval; they won’t approve whatever you do
  • They are displeased with themselves, and nothing will ever make them happy
  • Never take their cutting remarks and disapproval personally
  • Don’t lead their ideas to contaminate your life and missions.
  • Best of all, be polite and ignore them

When you encounter selfish people:

  • Do good to them as they will one day realize the price of goodness and showing care.
  • Say them no when you think it is necessary
  • Never expect any favor from them in your time of need

I read and re-read the booklet. It felt simple with no embellished words, yet I knew that the passion of the boy and endurance would make their effect. After all, words have power when they are practiced.

I categorized myself in the hypocrite group as I had taken undue advantage and, when he needed help, I refused. The booklet would change thousands of life, and the first was mine.


About the Author

I call myself a words catcher. I catch the unspoken words from the hearts and weave them to create inspiring tales. I want my tales to shake the world.

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