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As you know from my earlier author interview, I was given the chance to review Sahar Abdulaziz’s new book Tight Rope. It centres around a black, female Muslim activist called Nour Ibrahim. Whilst battling an unknown illness and less than pleasant co-workers, she also has to deal with the increased amount of racist, Islamophobic hate mail from her “number one fan.” Although the book starts with her, it by no means is the only story for you to devour.

The interplay between the various characters in the book is amazing, especially when they start to cross paths.


Tight Rope Review Quotes 1 from my review of the book written by Sahar Abdulaziz


This was a hard one for me to decide on. I love Nour and her feisty, never give up attitude. It gave me an insight into the what black, female Muslims experience day in day out. Although Islamophobia and racism is a problem in the UK, I know from personal experience, I find that when it comes to race issues, America seems to “Trump” us on some aspects.

And how could I forget Maryam and Zaid. The revert whose story is so close to my heart and the man who’s battling his own parents to shine the true light of Islam.

But, I have to be honest, the dark character of Doris really gripped me. The pain, the internal struggle or living with a man that you dream of killing everyday – she was incredible. I never expected her story to be one of my favourites. I thought she may just drift from my memory but she’s the character that stuck.

Yes, this is a book that could have easily been plucked out oftoday’s socio-political environment but, her story is one that transcends even that. A wife who’s experienced loss that cannot grieve with her husband because he’s going through the same thing.


Tight Rope Review Quotes 1 from my review of the book written by Sahar Abdulaziz

the final verdict

As you can tell, I LOVED this book. I hardly ever read fiction but this was something that could have easily played out on the local news.

Having the opportunity to interview the author was also a blessing as I got an insight into the process behind it’s creation. You can read my exclusive author interview with Sahar Abdulaziz here.

You can purchase Tight Rope from Amazon or Fofksy if your in the States.

Tight Rope Book Review - A book I had the pleasure of reviewing as written by the amazing Sahar Abdulaziz

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