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How Hard is it to Become Muslim? + WORKSHEET

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I’ve been meaning to write more on this topic for some time. There are two answers to the question in the title. Not hard at all and painstakingly transformative. So let me take the first answer and explain why.

Not hard at all. Because your heart is ready. You know what you need to do and you’ve probably already researched how to do it. You don’t want to live another day without Allah swt and His guidance. It’s just one phrase “la illaha ilallah Muhamadar rasulullah” (there is no God worthy of praise except for Allah and Muhammad is his messenger) and job done. In my opinion, the easiest religion to embrace. No being dipped into water fully dressed. No pomp and grandeur. Just you and your Lord.

Now for the second answer to the question. Painstakingly transformative.

If you think you can sincerely embrace Islam and not change your ways, then you may have stumbled into the wrong religion. Islam will make you take a cold hard look at yourself in the light of day. It will make you question your every decision to make sure your intentions are pure. You will look at your friends, your family and wonder why they don’t see the beauty in it and it will hurt. It will hurt when they don’t understand.

BUT, if you love yourself and you want to reach the ultimate goal you’ll battle through.


What happens after your shahadah

What happens after your shahadah (declaration of faith) is really up to you.

You can either choose to learn more, or shy away from the new life you’ve embraced and carry on as normal. However, if you’ve taken the decision wholeheartedly, the second option won’t even appeal to you.

If you chose to take your shahadah in a mosque then insha Allah there will be people around. Get as many contact numbers as you can and try to keep in touch. Part of embracing a new life is embracing new friends. As the saying of the Prophet (saw) goes “you are on the religion of your friends, so choose wisely.”

My first and the most important piece of advice I can give anyone who has recently embraced Islam (or you’re just thinking about it) is to learn. Seek out teachers, books, Youtube videos anything you can get your hands on. I used to research things at home and ask those Muslims around me that I trusted to verify what I’d learnt.

A quote from my most recent article How Hard is it to Become Muslim

I’m thinking of putting together a number of guides and resources for new Muslims that I personally used and found a lot of benefit in. So look out for those.


looking to the future

What kind of Muslim would you like to be? Just like with the
Hard to Become Muslim? My Islam Goals worksheet for new Muslims or just those who want to strengthen their Islam
other areas of your life, you can prepare for success when it comes to your Islam.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey or not, self development in Islam is a continuous job. Knowing what you want to be like in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months will keep you focused and stop you from straying insha Allah. Some people prefer to go all out and learn everything at once and end up overwhelming themselves. Take your time!


Those who embraced Islam early on knew the value of constantly renewing their knowledge, faith and intentions and this is something that we should learn to do as well.

I’ve put together a monthly goals sheet for you to track your learning whether you choose to do more than one subject at a time or just concentrate on one topic. You can download it by subscribing to my email list insha Allah.

What are some of your Islam goals? Comment below and let’s motivate each other. And if you want to read about my own journey to Islam, you can read that here.

How hard is it to become Muslim? I talk about my personal experiences AND you get a free worksheet for subscribing

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