Say "goodbye June" and "hello July" while we review our goals together using the FREE PRINTABLE on my blog

Goodbye June, Hello July! 6 Month Plan & Progress Report

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So we’ve hit the half way mark of the year AND Ramadan is over. I know a lot of us (me included) set goals at the beginning of the year and we may not have reviewed them yet. Well here’s your chance.

Say “goodbye June” and “hello July” while we review our goals together.

Say "goodbye June" and "hello July" while we review our goals together using the FREE PRINTABLE on my blog

my progress so far

I had 4 specific goals for the year which I detailed in my “how to be a goal getter” post in January. All four were pretty big, achievable, but big. I had planned meticulously for them to be executed but, life happens.

Alhamdulillah, I started my revert’s guide to Islam and sketched out rough chapters which I’m happy with but now I need to refocus and crack on with the writing.

I also didn’t anticipate that I’d get the inspiration to start another big project that will take up a lot of planning time.

I am yet to even touch the children’s book I planned on finishing. Most of the copy is done but right now, it’s not where my passions lie.

As for the conference….. yeah, I’ll just leave that there.

It may not seem like a lot of progress but when you’re a mum to a very active toddler and soon to be mum again insha Allah, life has to flow like water and not freeze like ice.


is this year going the way i had originally planned

Is this year going the way you planned and if not, why not? I’ve had quite a few setbacks this year and a very surprise pregnancy. If I said this year was going how I planned it, I’d be lying. Before having kids I was typically a regimental person. Things had to happen as and hen I wanted them to. But baby life soon teaches you that your time is not your own.

I’d call it more of a working plan than a “plan, plan” because I’ve had to re-jig so many things along the way. I originally started out with my my initial 4 goals for the year but as time went on I realised how much I’d really taken on.

I also didn’t anticipate that I’d have any new ideas, that I’d want to start straight away. Then Jummah Junkies came along. It’s still in the conceptual stages but it’s been my baby for a long time and I didn’t anticipate that I’d become so passionate about it so soon.

The Facebook Page is quite new but you can still join it here and wait for the Friday magic to happen insha Allah.



What do I need to do to make sure I can still achieve my goals? Put simply, MORE PLANNING!

I need to look at my goals again, and break them down into smaller steps with accountability milestones. I also want to look at where my passions truly lie moving forward. As much as I love the idea of finishing the children’s book, there’s probably a lot more involved than I anticipated e.g. finding an illustrator, publisher etc. Work that I’m just not dedicated to right now.

Learning when to trim your goals down and let some go (for now) is probably one of the smartest things you can do at this point. There’s no use in carrying dead weight that could potentially stall your future goals.

If you want to check your 6 month progress, GOODBY-JUNE-HELLO-JULY6-MONTH-PROGRESS-REPORT-Printable.pdf (21 downloads) and get reviewing!

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