Concentrate on the Lesson NOT the Hardship, an article by Christal Joan Muslim blogger + life coach

Concentrate on the Lesson NOT the Hardship

The 'Basmallah', used by Muslims because we believe every good deed should begin in the name of Allah. All the articles on Christal Joan will start with the Basmallah because nothing is possible without Allah



hardships are a blessing

When we hit hard times, we often ask ourselves why. Why we’re on the situation we’re in. Why we didn’t do things differently.

I’ve been there too. During my time as a Muslim, before I understood qadr (pre-destination) and the will of Allah swt I used to ask the same questions. So many sleepless nights pondering over those questions. Until I started to reverse those questions on myself.

Why did Allah want me in the situation I was in? Why did I need this lesson, whatever it may be?


what is qadr (pre-destination)

Qadr can be split into 4 parts:

  1. Belief that Allah knows all things
  2. Belief that Allah has written it all down in the preserved tablet (al-Lawh al-Mahfooz)
  3. Belief that whatever happens is by the will of Allah whether that is to do with His actions or actions of His created things
  4.  Belief that all things that happen are created by Allah in their essence, their attributes and their movements

When you understand these things, you can start to ask yourself the right questions that will bring you closer to the Creator and not further away from His mercy. When you understand these things you understand that with every hardship there is a blessing and a lesson for us to take heed of.

Allah swt is not a vengeful God that just wants to out us through trials for no reason. He puts us through trials for our benefit and not for our suffering. Easy to write and hard to comprehend, but it’s worth just reflecting on that alone.


Lessons from hardship

What are some of the lessons we can take from hardship? These will be generic to everyone so we can all benefit insha Allah.

Allah wants to remove our sins

There is nothing that befalls a believer, not even a thorn that pricks him, but Allah will record a hasanah (good deed) for him thereby, or erase from him a sin.” Muslim

One of the lessons we can take from hardship, and one of the eases, is that it alleviates sins. If Allah swt is putting you through some kind if hardship be it big or small, it is because He wants to remove your sins for you. Allah made us all with the potential to reach jannah, but we sin. Sins are the things that keep us from entering that blessed place. So it’s better to see the eases in your hardships as Allah granting us extra chances that we most definitely need.


2 reasons why we face hardship

Allah wants to provide us with taqwa

Taqwa is regularly translated as God-consciousness. This simply means being aware of Allah.  Hardships always have you looking for someone to blame. God, why are you doing this to me? What have I done to deserve this? But it doesn’t have to be like this.

If you look at your hardships as a way of being more conscious of Allah, it will make you more grateful. If you look for the lessons He is trying to teach you and NOT at the hardship itself, you’ll find that Allah’s plan is always the right one.

Allah tests us to increase us in rank because He loves us

For us, our hardships seem like they break us. They make us crumble in times when we should feel strong. They sometimes leave internal wounds that take months if not years to heal. But that’s the way we see our hardships. That’s not the reason why Allah gives us hardships. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Allah tests is so that He can make us stronger and show us how much love He really has for us. How else would Allah know where to place us in jannah if He didn’t test us? Have you ever received a grade without sitting a test?


If you complain that Allah is testing you too much, you’re failing the test – Shaykh Omar Suleiman

What lessons have you learnt from your hardships? Comment and share below

Concentrate on the Lesson NOT the Hardship, an article by Christal Joan Muslim blogger + life coach

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