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LaYinka, I’m Sorry It Took Sooo Long! Evolve & Emerge Review

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Sorry, I Emerged Late

LaYinka, I’m sorry. I’m sorry it took so long to review this journal. I’m sorry it took so long for me

to write this review. But boy…. life’s a piece of work


All the way back, about 9 months ago I think, the amazing LaYinka Saani contacted me. To say I was fan-girling in my own DM’s would be an understatement.  She was kind enough to send me a copy of her Evolve & Emerge Reflection Journal.  Of course, I kindly accepted, but I didn’t know how much of a reflective journey it would really be for myself.

Lost in my journey?

Since becoming a mother I’ve felt kind of lost. “Who am I?” is a question I often sit down and ask myself. Mother, wife, sister, daughter, granddaughter… but was that it? This journal helped me to discover who I am (or who I’m on the way to being.)

The journal consists of 13 weeks of reflective quotes, evaluations, and reflections. All of which help to tease out the REAL issues you’re having in your life. This is something that I would say is a signature of LaYinka’s work. Although she doesn’t identify with the label “life coach”, her work is better than any coach I’ve come across. Often with coaching, and I’ve found this myself working with a few coaches in the industry, they end up talking AT you. Throwing inspirational spiels and Tony Robbins quotes. And no shade, this may work for some, but what LaYinka does is so much more powerful than that. The right question at the right time can open up things inside of you that you never knew were there.

Each week starts with an intention and ends with a reflection. perfect for someone like who is constantly on the go. I’ve often found with other journals, especially if it’s a daily thing, that after about a week I just give up. I run out of things to write and I find them extremely intense. The guidance in this journal is gentle, encouraging and sensitive. Perfect for someone who’s new to reflective journalling or someone who’s just getting back into it like me.

The journal is small enough to fit in your handbag for those cheeky coffee’s (or decaf teas if you’re me) that you can steal away from your family. And don’t feel guilty about those moments! Trust me, you need them. It’s taken me since September last year but I finally made it! This journal was the beginning of a deep introspection of myself.


evolving & emerging on a personal level

I’ve learned a lot and in that, its made me a better advisor in my own capacity. Finding out you have faults can be devastating. Not that you think you’re perfect, I certainly don’t. But it’s how you move forward from those faults is where you REALLY find out who you are.

“It’s just who I am”, “It’s just my personality” quickly became not enough for me. Why was I like this? Where did those feelings come from? How can I literally turn that frown upside down (lol)? It all sounds so cheesy while writing this down but it’s the truth I’ve been living. Self-reflection/ improvement is such a tiring endeavor BUT it’s well worth it. I toyed with sharing some of my own personal pages but let’s just say I’m not there yet!

If you want to start somewhere I’d say start with this journal. And don’t just fill it out the way you THINK it should be filled out. Take real benefit from it and be honest with yourself.


get at layinka

If you need another push (which I doubt you would but I’m going to include it anyway) listen to Na’ima B Robert’s podcast featuring LaYinka. Just from the audio, you can tell she’s a woman who not only talks the talk. You don’t drop wisdom and truth like that and you don’t follow it yourself whole-heartedly.

You can find LaYinka on Instagram, Facebook and her main page where you can order your very own reflective Evolve & Emerge journal.

LaYinka, jazakillahu khayrun for pouring yourself into a pocket sized book and making self-development accessible to all. May Allah swt increase your rank in jannah all the way to firdous, Ameen.

LaYinka, I'm Sorry It Took Sooo Long! Evolve & Emerge Review

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