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5 Books I LOVED Reading about Islam by Iqra Asad

Another guest post by another amazing sister masha Allah. Books have a very special place in Islam. Iqra (read) was the first revelation given to the Prophet Muhammad (saw). And coincidentally, Iqra Asad is the name of the sister sharing with us the 5 books she loved reading about Islam. Post contains affiliate links.   [...]

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Black, British AND Muslim?

      This is a topic that is close to my heart. I am Black British as most people would describe it. My mom was born here in the UK, the first generation from a Kittian mother (from St Kitts) and a Monstratton father (from Monserrat). My dad was born in Jamaica and came [...]

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Stinginess: Why You Need to Kick It to The Curb

      Bukhl, stinginess, miserliness, “being tight.” Whatever you choose to call it, universally it is a disliked trait. Stinginess in essence is a reluctance to give or spend however, from an Islamic point of view it means not giving or spending from what Allah has blessed you with. Allah tells us time and [...]