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Black, British AND Muslim?

      This is a topic that is close to my heart. I am Black British as most people would describe it. My mom was born here in the UK, the first generation from a Kittian mother (from St Kitts) and a Monstratton father (from Monserrat). My dad was born in Jamaica and came [...]

Christal Joan: Did my abaya put you off?

Did my abaya put you off?

    "Did my abaya put you off?" I wondered as yet another sister walked past me and bowed her head. Since embracing this type of Islamic clothing, I've had a lot of mixed feelings about how I'm now perceived as a Muslim woman. So I thought I'd put my thoughts into writing in case [...]

Christal Joan: The Day of Arafah is a blessed day. Full of glory, wisdom and forgiveness. Let's make the most of it and earn Allah's favour

The Day of Arafah: 6 Need to Knows

    The Day of Arafah is SUCH a special time for the Muslims. It occurs in the 12th month of the Islamic calendar Dhul Hijjah on the 9th day. Many may not know the significance of this day but here are some facts about the Day of Arafah and why you need to make [...]

Christal Joan: As Muslims it's essential that we learn how to self start and NOT rely on others all the time for motivation and renewing our iman. Find out some helpful tips by reading the full article on

Motivation and Renewing Our Iman

    Sometimes the brick wall in front of us feels too solid the break down. Our bodies become weak with every passing moment and our hearts do too. Learning how to motivate ourselves and   renew our iman is one of the most crucial skills we can acquire. No one can do it for [...]