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5 Books I LOVED Reading about Islam by Iqra Asad

Another guest post by another amazing sister masha Allah. Books have a very special place in Islam. Iqra (read) was the first revelation given to the Prophet Muhammad (saw). And coincidentally, Iqra Asad is the name of the sister sharing with us the 5 books she loved reading about Islam. Post contains affiliate links.   [...]

Christal Joan: As Muslims it's essential that we learn how to self start and NOT rely on others all the time for motivation and renewing our iman. Find out some helpful tips by reading the full article on

Motivation and Renewing Our Iman

    Sometimes the brick wall in front of us feels too solid the break down. Our bodies become weak with every passing moment and our hearts do too. Learning how to motivate ourselves and   renew our iman is one of the most crucial skills we can acquire. No one can do it for [...]

Christal joan: Call Upon Allah with FULL Confidence and read the full article on

Call Upon Allah With Full Confidence

Β    Verily your Lord is Generous and Shy. If His servant raises his hands to Him (in supplication) He becomes shy to return them empty [Tirmidhi]   Confidence in Dua'a Every day, whether you’re aware of it or not we call upon Allah swt. In every prayer we recite Al-Fatihah and ask Allah swt [...]

How to Deal with Failure

    Failure in and of itself seems like such a terrible word. Failure: to lack success, the neglect or omission of expected or required action (according to Google). But dealing with failure is so much more personal than the words will allow for. my issues with failure I’ve always had issues dealing with failure. [...]