Coaching Services

asalaamu alaykum and welcome to a new you coaching with christal  (insha Allah)

Do You want to make a positive change?

Tired of holding yourself back?

I am a life coach + gratitude advocate + motivational trainer + all round lover of positivity.


How do you expect to experience change if you don’t go out and work for it yourself?

By choosing me as your life coach you’re confirming you’re ready for change. You are deciding to draw a line underneath the old you, turn the page and start working on the improved you.


what is life coaching?

Life coaching is a relationship between yourself and your coach in which they help to give you back the power in your life. Heart and head are reconnected by the will of Allah swt to give you the strength to strive in this duniya.

The role of a life coach is to GUIDE, EMPOWER and help to IMPROVE the lives of their clients. It’s not counselling, where you just offload. You and your coach work together to move forward and effect positive change.


what does life coaching with me involve?

To determine where we are and where we want to get to, you’ll first receive a 60 minute uncovering session with me.

  • Leaving your old limiting beliefs behind and finding the real positive you
  • Learning to love yourself and kicking negative self talk to the curb
  • Setting achievable goals so you don’t feel overwhelmed
  • Staying on track and making yourself accountable instead of blaming others
  • Strutting out of your comfort zone like a #MuslimahBoss
  • A system of support that gives you the motivation you need. And not just on Mondays!


Who is it really for?

  • Goal getters that need an extra boost
  • Ladies that are ready to love themselves
  • Women who are strong but don’t know it yet
  • Powerful women ready to crush their self doubt
  • Muslimahs that want to make the most of their relationship with Allah swt


who is it NOT for?

  • Women not prepared to put in the work
  • Those not prepared for change
  • People that hold onto the past
  • Those that find it hard to accept they have faults


The 90 Day Plan

90 days, 3 months, a lot can happen in this short space of time.

If you work with me for 90 days, we’ll kick start you on the road to change!

I’m looking for 5 Muslimahs to join me on my 90 day challenge inshaAllah. If you’re struggling with self esteem issues, negative self talk, goal setting and smashing or you just want to learn how to get closer to Allah swt I’m looking to work with you.

This is an opportunity to try my 90 day challenge for FREE in exchange for a review of my services.

Contact me on if you’re ready for the challenge or book an initial consultation by clicking the link.

My 90 Day New You course designed for women who want their power back. Designed by muslim blogger and life coach Christal Joan

P.S. As a start, try giving yourself a spiritual detox and let me know how you get on!