Christal Joan: Are you thinking of changing your life for Allah? Read this article about what you can expect insha Allah on

Changing Your Life for Allah?

    When I came to Islam, I never imagined my life would change so much. I never dreamed of praying in the masjid, wearing hijab or fasting during the month of Ramadhan. But all of these things became obligatory upon me, just as they are upon other Muslims whether they were born into a Muslim [...]

Christal Joan: Find out why I chose to wear the hijab after embracing Islam and read my review of Hidden Pearls a hijab company

Why I Chose to Wear The Hijab

    Firstly, let me just address what I mean when I say hijab in the context of this article. I'm referring to the scarf that Muslim women wear on their heads and use to cover their chests. Hijab is a hot topic amongst the Muslim and non-Muslim communities. Whether it's Muslims debating over what [...]